Looks like the Middle East is coming together, peacefully

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    **UPDATES** I'm pretty much always gonna be updating this page/thread so check back from time to time

    Fox News - Not reporting shit that doesn't fit their agenda since forever

    Their World News section :laughing:

    Front Page 5/16/2011= [​IMG]

    America's number #1 source for bullshit and disinformation
    See their TV Ratings here

    CNN, sometimes, America's #2 news source for bullshit and disinformation. Their Front Page & World News section


    I didn't know much about this whole thing until I decided to see what's doin myself. And after creating this thread I wholeheartedly agree that the Arabs deserve their homeland back. I wouldn't appreciate being removed from my state and told to look for another place to live just because you declared your self a State. That's just my opinion though

    Today, 5/15/11 is most likely going to be a big day for Palestine. For they and Egypt will march together on Israel to get their land back. For those who don't know, The State of Israel was formed after WWII.


    I guess a bunch of Jewish folk were living there and declared themselves a state? I thought they were moved in after WWII?

    Got an answer


    How was Israel created?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVQxs0CIcYI]YouTube - Egyptians show solidarity with Palestine ahead of Third Intifada[/ame]

    1948 Palestine war


    In Pictures
    Israeli troops clamp down on 'Nakba' protest at Qalandia

    Palestinians killed in 'Nakba' clashes

    Israel Clashes With Protesters At Its Borders

    Defense Minister: Border infiltrations are just the beginning

    Scores injured at 'Nakba' rally in Cairo

    Israeli massacre at Lebanon border

    Anti-Israel protests in Turkey commemorate catastrophe


    Emotional Palestinians bury Lebanon Nakba Day victims






    Look what I found at Fox tucked away
    Palestinians test tactic of unarmed mass marches

    50,000 Palestinians gate crash border <-- Video

    Obama: Middle East peace needed more than ever

    Border shooting divides Lebanese politicians

    Not all Palestinian demands are a threat to Israel

    Israel was infiltrated, but no real borders were crossed

    Speech aimed at U.N. bid President embraces 1967 borders

    Israel rejects Obama peace plan, Palestinians cagey
  2. Good on you for posting citations and resources man. Needs to be done more often
  3. Some of it is Wiki, and the rest articles lol. Yeah I just learned the whole Mid east conflict in like 10 minutes of internet searches lol
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    Peacefully? Israel has among the most powerful military strength in the world. I predict they use it if "egypt and palestine march together to get their land (Israel, 4th most powerful military) back" and I see a war ahead!

    from Israel's most popular newpaper

    Now I'm not saying Israel won't go down. But these guys are fierce and won't go down very easily and without a long, drawn out, deadly fight.
  5. so today israel is ging to get rocked?
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    It looks like the Muslims want a peaceful protest? Will there be violence? I would say so considering everyone's track record. If the Muslims want to win the need to unite and do it peacfully, even if israels military opens fire. Today is gonna be historic I think

    Good lord, terrorists? You heard it here first, protesters are terrorists. Maybe because they are arab protesters they automatically are terrorists?
  7. isnt it already the 16th in arab nations? or pretty close too it. i think they are +8hours
  8. I lol'd at the title. Yeah right like that would EVER happen.
  9. Not to mention that Israel is in bed with THE largest military strength in the world.

  10. Oh yeah, definitely a sarcasist title. Until they all realize it's their religion that brings hate, indifference, war, fear,etc..., until they understand religion is not a positive force, there will never be peace
  11. :laughing: yeah something like, so we had to wait for the stories to be written. I say the should continue marching tomorrow.
  12. posted an hour ago on Yahoo

    Arab protesters descend on Israeli borders - Yahoo! News
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    I'm not really sure where I'm going with that,...brb hitting a bowl
  14. This is just an everyday thing for Israel. Kill an arab here, an arab there, suddenly the unrest will calm for a while again....only to start up again at a later date. I'm rooting for Israel, flex yo muscles!!! hahahaha ;)
  15. You're seriously rooting for Israel? Did you read everything in my original post? Read the history of Israel. They don't deserve the land they are on.

    And this will not be over. If you haven't noticed the entire Middle East is in choas with new governments, rebellions, war, protests, etc.. One thing all these Arabs have in common is hating Israel, and with Just cause. Now with fallen Western backed governments (see Egypt), the people are all rising against Israel. Israel will fall and I predict in less than 3 months.

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    Israel is the only country in the middle east that grants freedom to Arabs. It is the only real democracy in the region. I am Arabic, I think this concerns me slightly more than you. I think I know my people slightly more than you do. The only people that hate Israel is the extremist islamofascists and their sympathizers. Yes, I too predict that Israel will (eventually) fall, but not without an epic, bloody war. Israel has a highly trained, highly powerful military and is extremely competent. The US will help Israel when she's seriously threatened. Just you wait...
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    They shot and killed protesters today. There is no excuse.

    Read the history I posted. They basically invaded and declared themselves a state with the backing of the UN and Western powers of course.

    700,000 Palestinians were not allowed back to their homes. The Israels destroyed the Palestinians homes and towns to build their State.

    And you support them? You're seriously telling me they grant freedom to Arabs?

    Wake up man!

    I worked with Israel intelligence. It's one of the best in the world but when all Arab countries are uniting together and they are no longer being hunted, killed, beaten, abused, murdered by their governments, the US/Brit/Franc/UN their finally gonna be able to concentrate on uniting and retaking THEIR land.

    You blindly support Israel when they are the instigators to this whole mess. And trust me, they are not alone in creating this selfish drama.

    You can almost say, it's all part of the plan and Israel falling is a big part of that plan, whether that plan is divine or sinister

    I don't care that your Arabic, or any other ethnicity. It doesn't change the facts that is History. Israel is wrong. Should that area be open to people of all faiths for their religious worship? Yes. Should it continued to be own by one ruling power, as it always has in history? No, it should be collectively owned amongst the three groups whose roots are in those lands.

    You see, you're all brothers and sisters, killing each other. There is still a lot of growing up to do. I think the good news is that time to grow up may be coming in our lifetimes. I think people as a whole are getting tired of mindlessly hating another group of people.

    Israel is the only good form of democracy in the Middle East? Yes, I'd say they got their shit together :lol: With some many Middle Eastern governments falling, hopefully Israels positive democracy influence can inspire the newly buddy governments
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    I know the history, Jews have always been Israelites, and that's always been their land. Everywhere the Jews go they're persecuted, obviously this is nothing new. Where do you want them to go? They have tried to work with the palestinians, they don't want to work, and they Jews don't want to work. See they're both at fault, they both can't come to agreement, just let it be man. Just let Israel be. The Jews and Palestinians just need to crack open a nice, big bottle of wine, and settle this thing like adults. If the Palestinians agree to peace, I give you my word, for what it's worth, that the Jews will coexist with them in peace. But while the Palestinians keep bringing grotesque violence, the Jews will continue to be the #4 badassess in the world, and respond the same. ;)
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