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looks like quantity won

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tuxx, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Usual guy was out of dank :(.
    But man... so much weed!
  2. Just a zip. but I usually buy quarters of dank

  3. MAn, weed like that is good in a vaporizer! For real! Vaping that quality of herb is SOOO much better than smoking it!

  4. #5 Tuxx, Feb 14, 2012
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    Trying up for a mflb :)
    Heard so many good things! a non portable vape would be cool too

    Are the highs different with the vape? Like abv? how many times do you use the bud in it?
  5. U musta pay anywhere from 80-100 for that unless u pay ridiculous prices when u buy dank cuz im assuming you got this for same price u get qtr's of dank for.
    I've seen worse for 100 an oz. And chances are it's proly really stoney if it's outdoor, which it proly is. I wouldn't be too disappointed. At least it's not brown and full of seeds.
  6. I'd still stay on the hunt for dank. Mids aren't too bad to smoke if you have a hit or two of dank to wash it down.

    I'd also roll quite a few jays with that.:smoke:
  7. Blunts blunts blunts
  8. Yea, usually 100 a quarter. paid 110 there its about 29 g.

    Not the best prices by any means.. But it ain't cheap here.

    Non medical, non decrim.
    IN sucks :/.
  9. #10 Tuxx, Feb 14, 2012
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    [quote name='"StuGrimson23"']I'd still stay on the hunt for dank. Mids aren't too bad to smoke if you have a hit or two of dank to wash it down.

    I'd also roll quite a few jays with that.:smoke:[/quote]

    Haha yeah, I only pick up twice a month though, but I'm always on the hunt for dank, cause it doesn't come around a lot D:
    Gotta grab it while its here.

    Love jays, now I have an excuse to roll :smoke:
    I'll make sure to toss some blunts into the routine too, blunts of mids still fuck me up ;)
  10. #11 TexRx, Feb 14, 2012
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    The vape high is more of a head high. The taste is better. No ashes. Vaping can make your herb last longer as long as you consistently load small hits. Less is more! I get better resuts by loading small hits...

    You vape the herb until there's no visible vapor exhaled and then you can either save it for edibles or smoke it or throw it away. Vaping a HUGE bowl of vaped bud for a 2nd time makes me think a little about resin. The high is a little different, too. Making vaped bud cannabutter works better if you add some extra untouched bud. You use 1 oz vaped bud with 4 sticks butter and an 1/8 of dank will make the quality better then strain well thru cheescloth. I find that nuts & chocolate work well to cover any posible bad taste in a cookie or whatever

    The MFLB is good for a portable but a home unit like vapor bros. will get you more effecient results - meaning bigger hits. The vapor bros. starts around $179 and is a great starter vape!! Changing a screen can be tricky to learn tho. My SSV was $269 and is top of the line to me!!
  11. Wow.. Thanks for the info man, that was legit.

    gonna have to save up

    How much more weed do you save? idek how you d explain that..
  12. When I first bought the dank I didn't notice how much higher it got me; I do now
  13. I'd vape all that shit so you'd make it super efficient. Then save all the duff. With that much, you could get FUCKED UP 6 more times STRONG making some edibles.

    You can't get high twice any other way.
  14. Ahhh.. wanting the vape, just with I could find one cheaper.than they seen to all be that would still work great, don't really want sub par too much
  15. I own an MFLB. The high from a vaporizer is much different because it is straight thc you're getting. When smoked, bud can release a few different chemicals. Vaporizing the thc is is a stronger high. In my personal opinion vaping .1 grams of weed is equal to smoking about .5 grams in terms of highness.
  16. Man.. That's great haha. how bad is ether battery thing?
  17. Fuck man I woulda went quality
  18. [quote name='"iRanNaked"']Fuck man I woulda went quality[/quote]

    almost always try, only had reg tho
  19. Looks like some fair mids. Nothing wrong with that :smoke:

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