looks like i got a gender bender

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    well my very first grow is going quite well all things considered. I'm 2 weeks into flowering and finally determined gender of all my plants. I had planted bagseed that I later figured out was probably due to a hermie plant.
    At the time I thought "hey this is some gnarly looking purple crystally weed with a ton of seeds. might as well grow my own version minus the seeds!" then about 2 weeks into seedling stage I read more and found out those seeds probably came from a hermie plant and the offspring would likely all carry a hermie tendency
    despite this i decided to continue with the grow. now out of 5 plants that I flowered 4 are female and this one is a shemale. What are the chances the other plants will herm up over the course of flowering? Also is it worth it to keep this thing alive and just pick off the seeds as they grow? my lights could probably better penetrate with only 4 plants but this is my largest, fastest growing plant and i would hate to kill it after all this work.. especially if the others end up turning hermie later in their cycle 

  2. save the seeds and replant and thank the ganja gods for your gift.
    hey man could you clarify this comment?
    I'm afraid leaving the plant in tact will pollinate my females.. Are you suggesting building a separate cab for this plant and harvesting feminized seeds from it ?
  4. I thought you said it was a hermie female. It's a male? Yank that thing unless you want seeds.
    i didn't know there was a difference... this is a plant with pistils / buds beginning to form and also pollen sacs forming as seen in the photo. i picked off the pollen sacs (about 50 of them) but i expect they will grow back 
  6. Pistils and pollen sacs on the same plant? Never heard of that. I guess the plant can go fuck itself.
  7. Pull it, 4 out of 5 is a good hit rate...
    it sounds good. my only worry at this point is that the others will turn hermie on me over the upcoming weeks? is this a strong possibility if all the seeds came from the same bag? or would they show the herm trait right at flowering like this one did 
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    would i be able to make hash with a pulled hermie plant or is it pretty much useless? the buds haven't really developed at all yet. i was thinking of keeping it alive for another 2-3 weeks while picking out the seeds then chop and hash 
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    That's what you get alot of times with bagseed..when you only find one or 2 seeds, there's a chance those seeds are gonna be hermie plants.
    Alot of people recommend growing bag seed for your first grow..I recommend the exact opposite. Sure bag seed can give amazing results sometimes, I've seen it, but the chance that you end up with hermie bullshit is also there, and when that happens, you just wasted alot of time for nothing.
    if you are setting up yourself to grow, start with GOOD GENETICS from a reliable breeder. There's no reason to waste the time and money setting up a grow, only to use bagseed, which you have no idea how will turn out.
    Edit: Pull the hermie..you don't want it pollinating your females.
  11. oh that sux dude. Get rid of that hermie. No good to you. Bury he/she right and start over.
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    Really? Hermans are extremely common with bagseed. you breed hermans with regular females to make feminized seeds. i dislike femmed seeds, they are far more likely to go Herman. its in their blood man!

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