Looks like another great year..Thank you GOD

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  1. DAY 8....Cant wait till this is over..Have very good crew this year and that has helped take off the stress..But still i do not sleep but a few hours a night..We should be able to get the rest all cut down and hanging this weekend, have exter peeps coming that have had to work all week...lol...So far i am happy...GOOD HAREVEST just not GREAT...lots of mold and bud rot.....So far trimmers cost is running about 20%..this crop is so labor inteceive, but its nice to see people get payed good and happy..have a husband and wife that have hired babysitters all week and this will give them a great CHRISTMAS..They are so happy...she is my best trimmer..girls always are...well i hear the dogs so they are arriving..got to go..
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    Ok we are just about done...3 plants left...now that all the plants are gone its lots dryer in greenhouse and i am going to try and let these finish real good...really i have 4 plants left buy the 4th is a little Lavendor i stuck in Aug and it turned out really good...going to rest a few days till this other stuff we just hung drys...sent trimmers on there way...me and the old lady will trim the rest...lol...that sucks...

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  3. Yea, awesome grow! Wish I was subbed earlier! Good work
  4. Curious about the final yield? Would love to know what you got for all of that hard work. Numbers please.
  5. That's it, I'm building my damn greenhouse, lol. I'm sick of seeing these beautiful trees and then looking at my 12 inch dwarfs, lol. What a difference between my micro and your mega. And the part I absolutely LOVE, is that you use what is already here for us, i.e. bird, bat, and worm poop, etc.etc.etc. I too have ditched all that chemically altered, synthetic crap.
  6. wowzers thats a forrest.
  7. Last day...every thing down today....We did a little better then last year but lots better meds...plus we will be making oil with only bud this year and having are company name on it...SOMA....You can always tell how good it is by how many peeps start calling you have not heard from in over a year...lol...I just ordered a bigger greenhouse for next year...Well its been nice talking to you all see you next year..Its down to Belize for the winter..
  8. omg, this is a thing of beauty.

    I know where I want to work next year ;)

  9. Just trimmed out last plant today...about 10 hours of little bud to trim out and we will be done for 2011...new greenhouse was delivered yesterday and had tractor working on the land getting it ready for next year...I need like 5 days away from all this...i have not had one day off from June 1...but so much to do no time...No Belize this year..going to spend the winter supporting OCCUPY PORTLAND..with money and supplys...DOING MY LITTLE INDOOR GROW...and building greenhouse, fencing, new barn & chicken house....This time next year i will be double happy....
  10. Once I can +rep you for the support of occupy I will, and the rest of the post deserves it too. I hope you do a journal next year. The new set up sounds amazing.

    Hopefully you'll inadvertantly help out my cousins and aunt who will be out there supporting the cause.
  11. Spent all day at OCCUPY PORTLAND...we set up a tent to smoke in..and got a generator for the info both..Going to volunteer one day a week..but go every other day and keep the tent stocked with meds....The kitchen is set up for mostly vegan and vegetarien meals and that is just not going to cut it for the winter...these guys need meat. So i am sending a cow to the butcher...I really feel this is going to grow into some thing really big and change the world...if we can just help them threw the winter and next spring let it take off...Please go to any OCCUPY in you're town and help..God bless.
  12. THe OCCUPY PORTLAND MOVEMENT has been highjacked by a HOMELESS movement...lol...and a split in the movement is starting...this should be fun...lol..
  13. Well that didnt last long...we have pulled our tent and all out support for this movement...it has been HIGJACKED by a HOMELESS soup kitchen..the bums and homeless hoods feel they have a little power and have just messed this hole thing up...but isnt that what they do in life any ways???
  14. At least you tried. But yeah, some of the rallies around here are getting swamped by the homeless.

    :tup: for supporting a cause you believed in.
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    Starting to put up new greenhouse...98' x 32' x 18'....I am putting in wood stoves and not propane heaters...Two exhaust fans..Six Shutters...Six Fans..Sulpher burners...I will be puting down pavers in my walk ways to try and collect some thermal mass....I am using solor panels for elec..but still have to pump water...Pot growers are not know for a good carbon foot print...lol...Have a merry Christmas and New Year...I will post as i build..I got the new seeds going...Vintage..Bubba kush...LSD..Tangerine dream..ch9 jACK..PLUS lots of free seeds

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  16. Still have not taken one day off....and they call me a stoner?
  17. damn dude wood stoves? you must be really dedicated to that house!

    just make sure you put the exhausts is on the leeward side of the house. you probably know though, just one stoner to another :smoke:

    the solar panels efficiently power everything in the house? you must have alot of solar panels.
  18. Ahhhhh just got back from Belize...just what the Dr ordered..sun..fun..lots of good food..lots of scuba diving..I feel reborn..just in time to take cuts off my new seeds and put them into bud..
  19. Belize eh? lucky fucker. Always wanted to do some diving there, been all over Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay. south America is so much fun.
  20. Dude this thread is fucking epic. Like best thread i seen on grass city in a while i think, what kinda fertalizer you using? Maxsi? Yea i just started to see how these guys up north run the show. They grow they grow!!! Cheers brotha!!!

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