Looks like another great year..Thank you GOD

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  1. Its been sunny and in mid 80s this past week and will be for one more week, this is great weather. I have been holding back on water this last week and watered today with mollassas..I will water less and less this last 4 to 6 weeks....I will only water one maybe two more times till harvest and only with water no more fertilizer. I think this helps with mold?..Ever thing has doubled in size this last week.
  2. ur garden is an adventure
    it reminds me of mine 2nd year i grew in there..........totally underestimated the stretch
    u might want to try less veg time or ull need to top ur plants every week until u see signs of flowering..........and expect even more bushy plants
    and with that setup my advice is to thin (next year i might thin all my plants and eliminate the bottom 1/3 of all everything
  3. if it was easy to grow then it would cost much less :)
  4. when i say every thing has doubled in size i am talking about bud growth not plant growth...my plants fit in greenhouse just fine.
  5. nice looking gh !

  6. SWEET
    hit us with some pics...........glad the stretch stopped
  7. Today is my BIRTHDAY...Heading down to my favored club in Portland CANNABLISS...and let them all buy me birthday oil hits....Will send pic.
  8. dragging on those pics mang
  9. every thing is getting so heavy..i hate and love this time of year
  10. First rain this season..this is why i love my greenhouse....

  11. lol first rain this season lol
    that some funny shit.........we get rain 2 to 3 times a week........maybe a week with no rain a few times a year
    if u had my grow conditions ud b strapped into a bud IV
  12. Have been watching the WALL STREET PROTEST....we need to join them..i need to harvest...whats a AMERICAN to do?
  13. im subbed those are monsters...i want to see how big those buds get

  14. Ya they got to big for the greenhouse..i need to work out a better system...but every thing looking really good...the weather has been great...mold is not to bad but getting worse....HARVEST TIME OCT 8...PIC TO FOLLOW...
  15. ****** harvest day******
  16. Post pics of harvest !
  17. First day...10 trimmers...16 hour day...5 plants down.....Have 15 trimmers coming today....Running out of drying space.....We have a three check system to check for mold...main trimmers cut out as they trim, always cut above the next bud, handed over to person that then cuts out all mold and screens plants for drying, trimmed limbs are then handed over to hanger that cuts down limbs more and checks for mold as she hangs in drying house..Last trim we check one more time for mold as we trim and bag....
  18. Been a very long 3 days..getting hit really hard with BUD ROT..in the G13 x Pinapple...i bet we lost about 50% off one plant, cant cut it out it just makes it mush, so i freeze it befor it rots all the way and make SIMPSON OIL....THESE DANG TRIMMERS..Me and my wife can do what 7 of them can do..from now on its what they trim...lol.so take you're time..Here is a couple pic...got to sleep..

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  19. Dude.... I thought indoor grow was hard. I could never handle out door...

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