Looks like another great year..Thank you GOD

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  1. Its been a very good year...

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  2. dwarfs my g/h lol
    those are going to double after flower too..........GL containing lol
  3. No shit. Mine look like small shrubs compared to yours. Nice job!
  4. update..........wondering how people can grow their g/h plants so tall b4 they even start flowering................most plants double after flowering starts while sativa dom triple
    im hoping mine stay under the ceiling and i topped 2x and i fimmed
  5. the trick is to start from seed and dont put them in greenhouse to soon...i put these in greenhouse june 15...and plants are only about 3 weeks old then...I never top but i do clean out all the undergrowth and i try and do that befor they start to flower...as soon as they start to flower i just let them grow...now you need to know my greenhouse is 16' tall..
  6. the plants in the back of the greenhouse dont even look like they were flowering hardely....
    how can they not stretch at least double after that?
    are u using bushmaster or something?............
  7. Looks all good to me (=
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    When they start to flower they stop growing up...and yes i pull 14' plants every year because i grow from seed every year. I have 4 plants now that are all over 14' tall and not showing any thing...I will pull them soon if they dont start...You need to fine tune a greenhouse just like a indoor room. It takes about 3 grows to get it all together..Thats 3 seasons out side....No one ever said that growing top shelf bud is easy...just like fine wine there is prison wine made in the toliet and fine wine made up on the hill...Both get you fucked up but what do you want?....I feed soil not plants...After harvest i clean out chicken house put all fresh chicken shit in greenhouse and plant cover crop. Next March i till in cover crop and feed soil to brake ever thing down...Cotton seed meal, bone meal. kelp meal, lime...Put in plants June 15 and put down more fertlizer because all that i put in March the soil has eaten..Now i start tea making..first is nettle tea that i spray on the leaf..next is compost tea...and i end with bat shit...People make teas differnt but one thing you need is a air pump and dont let it cook for over 48 hours or you will kill every thing you are trying to make.I water threw drip lines but you also have to water the soil so every thing brakes down and feeds all the living things in soil....I have been doing this over 33 years full time and i still learn new things all the time...One thing i learned years ago...DONT LESSON TO ANY ONE....LOL..Most of these so called grow books or peeps in High times never grow they write stories about growing and think they know...they know nothing!
  9. pic update please
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    What would you do? I have 4 plants that are showing nothing or very little ...would you pull them?...

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  11. they dont look like sativas...............
    do have any light leaks around the g/h that could b affecting this?
  12. I would not pull them unless they are going to effect the yield/quality of those that that are on their way. Your organic practices are impressive, utilizing age old techniques....that WORK! Your trees are substanial to say the least, and yah man just to back up what you already stated once they hit flowering full time they have already done 90% of their stretching....difference between outdoors/indoors and gradual/rapid flowering inducing.
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    Natural light...i pulled these two..left the other two they just started to show....this is where the other ones are at

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  14. Made some butter out of the plants i pulled very nice head high out of the cup cakes i made..you could reallt smell the lemon..i still have cuts i think i will try them inside?
  15. whygarden, do you have fans blowing on your plants 24/7 during flowering?
  16. I have two large greenhouse fans and doors open at both ends during the day, i close the doors and turn off those fans at night...then i have three smaller fans pointed up on at night. I try and have air movement 24/7...i can even roll up the sides of the greenhouse if it gets to hot but i have never had to do that...Payed $2700 for some real fancy auto roll up thing and never use it..I should have gotten a black out cloth and do two grows a year. And keep plants smaller...Might try that in one greenhouse next year.....Now it is 2pm full sun and 79 outside...greeenhouse is 82..the shutter fans are open and shade cloth on, both doors open..We have had lots of sun this past week and the bud has doubled in size from one week ago...now you see all the limbs you didnt tie up good..I have all my dry rooms ready, stagging area set up with lights and heat for the trimmers..My wife wants me to buy a trimming machine this year...But i like to pay people not machines, it spreads it out more that way. I have tried to pay by how much they trim but all my trimmers suck at trimming...lol..3 have MS and really shake till they eat enought weed..then they are to stoned to trim...lol...They are like Rudy in that movie...I can do it coach...lol..Got to love them.
  17. Oh on a funny note...my dogs got the cup cakes off the table and they have been passed out all day...lol...you should see their eyes
  18. Thanks for sharing that info. The reason I asked is because I'm new to greenhouse growing and it is a lot different than indoor growing. Don't get me wrong I love it! But it has been a big learning curve for me being indoor grower. First off I'm a legal medical marjuana card holder in the great state of Montana, but the laws here suck big time!!!!!! Inreguards to medical marijuana. I bought a cheap ebay portable greenhouse 7'12'7' ft greenhouse ($100). I live right in the middle of town thats the main reason I bought one to hide from noisy on lookers. I made a mistake of putting 5 plants that were grown from seed in the greenhouse, 3-LSD's 1-blueberry gum, and 1-pineapple express. All the seeds were freebies from Attitude. One plant would have been plenty for the greenhouse! I don't have the option of raising my greenhouse. The whole greenhouse is filled! All the plants are planted in the ground with afew soil amendents. I crawl on my hands and knees to water my plants lol. It is funny seeing my fat ass crawling around lol. I use two cheap box fans, one attached to the ceilling and one on the ground and I have six side vents, tree on either side. So far so good, no mold or mildew issues. The plants just started flowering the 17th of August, (Thank God!)Ihave to use bird netting because of height issues and it seems to work, but everything seems so crammed in there! I guess I have kinda of a scrog set-up now, is use the netting so my plants won't touch plastic from the greenhouse, and the buds are popping thru the netting without much training. It's a trip!!! Anyway thanks for sharing, peace.
  19. last resort would b chopping the tops off all the tallest plants and just 1/2 the plant to harvest................better than nothing
    my advice to g/h growers is to grow indica/sativa hybrids (heavy on the indica)
    august 1st u want ur plants to b 1/2 the size of the greenhouse roof (aka u want them to b able to double without touching the roof)
    then if thats not enough u can always crop
  20. without sounding like a winney bitch.........please dont make ur entire post 1 long paragraph
    its hard to read that way.......change ur paragraph often for stoners to read the entire thing

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