Looks like a decent setup but I might need more?

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  1. So i found this grow kit that looks pretty good for just the essentials (Pro Auto Pot Kit | GrowForce.co.uk) I was hoping to get some opinions on that as well as ask what else I might need. I know ill need a PH meter n probably a fan. any recommendations on what kinds or brands I should purchase and also a humidifier its going in a small closet space so what should I get for that?

    Thanks a lot trying to get this up and running as soon as I move into my own place in the next month or two.
  2. ...Complete Canna Terra nutrients and our best selling power plant 600W Lighting System.

    All this for only $300???

    I'm not hip to the prices in GB, but I wouldn't buy this with someone else' money. Flower pots, soil and fertilizer shouldn't cost more than $20 or so...that leaves around $280 for your light. Unfortunately, the information on the light in the package you referenced is slim to none...

    turn-key "systems" are put together for convenience, often at a hugely inflated price.
  3. Yea I couldn't find any info in the description about what kind of 600w "lighting system" it is.Thought I saw the ballast in the pic but never sure.My first time I got a bubbleponics system with my own light..fuckin killer!!Find out what that lighting system is all about man.If they give you a 600w MH to HPS conversion that would be a pretty good deal.If it's anything less than MH or HPS I'd find something else...like a grow shop near you where you can go in and talk face to face like I do..my nearest one is a couple hr drive..htgsupply.com
  4. OK so I agree that that seems sketchy so I went to the HTG site n looked up a light. This one is also 600 watts but its convertible between the HPS and the MH bulbs. (High Tech Garden Supply). It looks pretty good to me. Also this doesnt seem like a nice air filter but will it work? (High Tech Garden Supply) Also i looked at the FoxFarms Ocean Forest potting mix. Yes? No? and last but not least fertalizers I need recommendations in this department. What do I need to give these plants a good balance of everything they need?
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    I grow in 5 gallon bags and buy the 1.5 cu.ft. bags of ocean forest.5 gallon is perfect for indoor indica andI swear by that soil but you gotta flush it down to a much better pH...I like 6.3 as that is the pH Advanced Nutrients suggests your soil be.With a 600 watt light,if thats what you're going to buy,buy the digital greenhouse 600w interchangeable.My buddy got it,works great!Now here's where it gets a little technical...You're gonna have to vent that shit and an HTG $25 dollar fan won't do,unless you run a 400 like I do even then it's not the best but it is certainly cool in there.Check out some of their fans as I have one of those $25 fans and they're OK but I have an awesome secondary vent system and the cold air on my side.So check out their Euro Reflector because it's got thick ass tempered glass no exaggeration.I'm sure they have some kind of package with the light/reflector included..if not the reflector is pretty cheap and works great..I own one.You'll have to get some 6" ducting or get flanges that go from 6" to 4" if you want a little less duct work.Get the ducting together and go home and drill holes to wherever you want your hot air from the light to go.If heat is gonna be a big concern for you and you're only gonna grow for yourself I'd go with a 400w.Get some aluminum duct tape as well.Then you'll have to duct your light up and place the fan where you think it is gonna work the best.One side intake..one side exhaust.You'll have to split the ducting off into a filter if you choose to have one.Figure out where you gonna hang it as well.Oh yeah,it takes 1 1/2 bags of Ocean Forest to fill 2 5 gallon bags..you gotta love the roots just as much as the buds homie.Now I'd suggest you pick a nutrient package.I just started the Advanced Plus Feeding Program which is basically every product they sell.I have to move my lights aboout every watering they're growing that fast and only 11 days into flower.This is the first run of Advanced we have tried and we have already agreed we will never settle for anything less it's that fucking amazing!pH pens are a must IMO...I never use EC meters.Some pH up and down for adjusting water and nutrient solution.God I'm done typing someone else's turn lol...
  6. So I looked up the advanced nutrients plus program but I am having trouble finding it. it is Advanced Nutrients not just Advanced right? Any chance anybody has a link to this package or something similar? So I'm still not clear on the fan filter thing. heres what I got. I need an intake fan on one side as well as and exhaust fan on the other side with a filter if I want one, which i do, the one filter I linked has a fan built in so i'm assuming it serves both purposes and it says it moves over 150 cfm. Not enough? With the ducting does it need to come off the inside of the wall out towards the light or would it just work if it sucked through a hole in the wall a few feet away? I know I might be being pesky but I wanna do this right so that I come out of this with some good bud!!!
  7. Sorry for the double post but I forgot to ask about humidifiers again. What should I look for in this department?
  8. A really easy to use and IMO excellent fertilizer is Plant-Tone from Espoma. A "set and forget" sort of fertilizing regimen...

    Mix 1 part Plant-tone to 25 parts soil. Feed established plants 1 tsp. of Plant-tone for each 3 inches of pot diameter. Repeat monthly.
  9. Huh.

    I looked all over to find an answer about the Plus feeding program, but I haven't been able to find anything. All I was able to find was the Connoisseur is a part of the program.

    So, I guess the only thing to do would be to call or email Advanced Nutrients. Seems that's the best way to get answers, though I am REALLY surprised no one has been able to answer you. I thought that was what forums were for LOL

    Well, at least when you call a company like Advanced Nutrients, they don't make you feel like a criminal. Not for me, at least. MMJ or not, a grower should never feel like they're doing something wrong. Just saying.


    Good advice otherwise, though. At least there are some other things to learn here. :hello: Too bad no one know anything about this program. Sounds like it's pretty cool, but I'm an AN lover, so I'm biased.

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