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  1. Well im just wondering if my plants looks happy and good now coz it has already have all kinds of deffencies and such so .. give me ur opinion please


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  2. Not enough memory.

    That's my message when trying to view pic. Sorry.

    bbl if you wish to post more info and/or acompanyed by tiny pic. I'll help all I can w/suggestions.

  3. ok, the plant has no problems at the moment but it did have alot of defencies and fert/water burns so thats why im asking..

    this plant is grown from an Early Pearl Seed and is about 4 weeks old. i water with very light ferts coz of the problems i had with it earlier on. it grows next to the windows so no artificial lighting (i will put it under lights in about a week or so).

    i hope this is enought info for now

  4. Usually a seedling that has been lightly stressed and recovers is signs of good genetics. I've pushed plants w/nutes forever. You just have to learn the tale tell signs of burn before actually burning.

    Yours should grow well.

    Just ease the nutes back up gently and have fun.

  5. When did you stop overwatering it?
    It still looks like it's drooping from overwatering, in the pictures you show us the soil is still wet.
    If the soil is wet it will inhibit the plants ability to uptake all the nutes that you gave it, in turn tricking you into watering it with nutes.
    Kind of a vicious circle thing going on here I think.
    And if you're looking for a healthy plant get some lights on there, it's not getting enough sitting there on the window still and it will only get less in the next few months.
    Plants grown in dim environments are weaker in general.

    Je weet toch wel dat het altijd regent in de herfst, dat plantje van jou moet eigenlijk 18 uur strak zonlicht hebben, niet dat dimme grijze door de wolken gefilterde gloeisel.:wave:

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