looks good but not too potent

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thedanksta, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. here it is this stuff is pretty stoney but its not too chokey

    u get good and high but its not the zoodedness u would expect from the look of it

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  2. numero dos

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  3. last one

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  4. looks like fire to me! Well, if you say it isnt that potent, thats pretty funny cause I just bought some of, what I thought looked dank, and come to smoke it, it was leaving me in a not so lifting high then what I was expecting. I hate that shit...its like they must of cured it improperly. hmm.
  5. I just bought some shit tonight, $60 for an 1/8, I took one hit from the bong, before I got the chance the blow out I got a head rush. Greeeeat shit.
  7. Damn man, keep these pics comin'.

    These are awsome!!!
  8. Looks like it's worth 45-50 an 8th in Cali
    Hard to tell by the pic but it looks like it would pack a pretty strong stone.
  9. i get it for about 260 an o

    the other stuff i just posted is like 310 an o

    real bomb

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