Looking younger than your age.

Discussion in 'General' started by foamdohm, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. It sucks, lol .

    im 18 and im mistaken by people who i meet for the first time for a 15/16 year old,

    movies i get id'd for R movies,

    anybody else have this prob
  2. same im 18 and i get carded for cigs people think im like 15 lol its fucked up.
  3. lol i'm 21 and i just got carded for cigs. i thought i looked older lmao.
  4. i'm 20 and i look like 16

    no wonder why 16 year old girls likes me :rolleyes:
  5. Haven't been carded very much at all since I was 13.
  6. Yup, throughout highschool I was always thought to be a freshman.
  7. i have that problem too. the last time i bought swishers, the cashier chuckled and said "i need to see id, you're too young. i bet you're sixteen"

    right after i graduated high school, i went with my mom to this restaurant. she's known the owner for many years, so when he approached our table she bragged that i just graduated. he said "oh, what grade? seventh, eighth?"
  8. I'm 20 and I get carded 90% of the time I buy cigarettes. Nevermind the fact I'll be legal this fall to buy alcohol, I can't fucking wait to be able to show my ID for that haha. I think we'll get the last laugh though, it can't always be a bad thing to look youthful can it? ;)
  9. Picture to the left

    I'm 19 going to be 20 in December... still look like I'm 12
  10. most stores card everybody that looks under 25 cuz if they don't their asking to get fired same with R movies
  11. I'm 21 but could very easily pass for 16/17

    Fucker at 7/11 has carded me for a fucking lighter...twice. :mad:
  12. no makeup -- i look verrry young

    makeup -- i look older

    im sort of a chameleon. i can turn into whatever age i want depending on my surroundings..
  13. As soon as I put on my baby-face (shave) I'll get carded for cigs and movies. I'm 21 in December
  14. You'll be happy about it at some point in the future.

    Trust me--I'm almost there.


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