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Looking to trip off seeds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by peacetoker90, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. What kind of seeds could i buy to trip off of, like poppy or rosewood? Cant find any other hookups and im not 21 so i cant drink
  2. get this online prgram called i-doser

    you can download it off any torrent site, but you need a torrent client liek utorrent or bitlord or bittorrent

    anyway, what it does is send soundwaves in your headphones and they go to your brain and chang the binaurals or soem shit, and it makes you trip a little bit.

    it has marijuana, cocaine, opium, morphine, divinorum, peyote, heroin, and a bunch of other drugs and even coffee stimulants

    you listen to it for 30-45 minutes and it fuckes you up throughout or so it feels somewhat, obviously not the real thing

    idoser.com is the website for the thing, but it only has coffee stimulant and sleeping aid

    or use utorrent.com and downlaod the utorrent. then go to a site like bittorrent or torrentspy.com and search/download idoser

    when u do the torrent downlaoding, you can get the full idoser with all the "doses" (drug sound file) for free and u can use any of the drug things as many tiems as u want (doses usually cost money and u can only use it once)

    supposedely peyote is the strongest one. smoke some weed, then do that one, u will probably trip hard.

    what u do is you play it on idoser then put on headphones, then lie down and close your eyes and lsiten

    its white noise, but each drug has its own programming and it will fuck you up differently
  3. ive tried the I-Doser before, didnt work, i need some trippy seeds
  4. Morning Glory and Hawaiian Baby Rosewood seeds contain LSA, I can't promise an enjoyable trip unless you extract the LSA though. Check them out on Erowid.
    It's also possible to make a kind've opium from poppy seeds, do a search on this site.
    Lastly you can try DXM (from plain Robotussin cough syrup, or any kind of cough syrup that only has DXM [Dextromethorphan] as an active ingredient.)

    Personally I would recommend the DXM, it's a great dissociative psychedelic for just tripping out by yourself.
  5. I think im going to try LSA, but i dont know where to purchase them, my city doesnt have any real garden shops, anybody know of retailers that carry the Morning Glory or HBRW seeds?
  6. almost anywhere that sells seeds(hardware store, wal mart, ect.) will carry morning glory seeds. I reccomend trying to find a place to buy HBW, its a much higher concentration so rather than eating 150 you only eat 6.
  7. If you buy the morning glory seeds just make sure that you boil them before you eat them because alot of stores put stuff on the seeds that will make you vomit.
  8. you could buy them organically online so there's no coating from places like iamshaman.
  9. or even better you could get soem of the organic ones for now n do your thing but grow some so u can have a large crop of your own stuff.

    everything's better when it's home grown :D

  10. Haha since its St. Patricks day almost no liquor store cards here because all the drunks leave their ID's at home, so if you lookw 21 your good. But anyways got the hookup on some Tarantula Blue/Azul Tequila and 2 12 packs of Killians Red. Nice top off to the night.

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