Looking to Transplant Outdoor to Indoor? Help anything would help

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  1. Ok. I got a plant outside growing all summer and have been waiting to flower it and now with the weather getting colder can i still not have enough time to flower outside this season I'm from Saskatchewan Canada. Just need your honest opinion?.... Thanks
  2. Be careful of the bugs, you will bring a bunch in.
  3. It can stay out until the first frost warning. Mid to late Oct is the usual harvest window.
    As stated you risk bring in a whole host of bugs without all the predators that you have outside.
    You'll need to inspect closely and treat as needed.

  4. Clean Sand ontop of medium and pantyhose wrapped around bottom of pot may help kill what’s living in the medium.
    I’m in same boat and That’s what I plan to do mid October.
  5. Astonishing.
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  6. When I read this posting, first, a shiver went up and down my spine... and I decided not to say ANYTHING.
    I see that I am not alone.
    Bringing the plant in is asking for terrible trouble.
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  7. Never bring an outdoor plant inside unless it's in danger or you're 100% sure you are 100% pest-free, which...frankly...none of us are! IMHO.
  8. My plants are outside (in pots) during the day and usually indoors during the night. So far no bug problems (fingers crossed). Been doing this with all my plants for about 2 years now.
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    Is it possible to cover them when the threat of frost arrives? IMO would be a better option than moving inside if possible. When is the first frost usually in Saskatchewan?

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