Looking to switch from HPS to LED

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by akp2369, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. I currently am running a 600 watt hps and I am pretty tired of the electric bill since I am really only growing for me and my girl.

    I was looking around on amazon at some leds and grow tents. I was looking at a 600 watt Mars or even 2 of the 300 watts. Or maybe a reflective Mars. Argg I'm not sure.

    Anyone who has made a switch have any input on this? I already have enough electric stuff going all the time so I'm spending money to save money.

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  2. Remember an LED will not be watt for watt with a HpS, I recommend another company but if you're just trying to get by Mars is fine
  3. If you go with a direct wattage replacement(which would be 4 Mars Hydro 300's at 140w each) then you will use the same amount of power, if you go with less(two 300's or one 600) it will have a negative impact on your yield. When I went from a 1000w to a 400w I had less bud and it was the bud I got was less dense although very crystally and I only saved about $20 a month on electricity.

  4. The advertised rating on an led is what the diodes can be ran at max but they're not so they last longer. The only # that matters is the actual draw. LEDs do not save you money too run. A watt costs a watt no matter what light source it runs. Its just an advertising play on words.

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  5. Ok that is also what I was thinking, a watt is a watt. So if I was to turn my hps down to 75 percent of 600 so 450 watts, that would the same as 450 watts as led.

    Does dimming your bulb on a ballast knock down the draw from the wall or is it just limiting power ran from the ballast to the bulb?

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  6. Yes hps is actual watts so if you turn down a 600 it will draw 450 at 75%, 300 at 50%

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  7. one Mars II 1200 would be comparable to 600w HPS akp, may I know your grow size please? one Mars II 1200 covers 4x4ft
  8. One 600 watt hps light is not enough to do that much damage on your power bill. I run 4 of them to flower with currently and, as best I can figure, it's costing me around $75 a month. Granted, hubs is an electrician and he isolated the circuits and made sure that the electrical draw was spread evenly over the circuits instead of having all attached to one or two circuits and that helped us a good bit. But running one light isn't what's running up your power bill. If it were me, I would go with a 700 watt panel at least...and one of good quality if you want to get any life at all out of your investment. But I wouldn't expect to see too much savings on the electric bill by changing out this one light. TWW
  9. A watt may be a watt but Cree and vero led cobs make a lot more and better quality light than old hps street lights. Even the better Mars lights have it over hps these days, maybe.

  10. That's a matter of opinion that you don't even sound so sure of.

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  11. Just not sure of that last sentence. Check Philips cdm 315 also. Been running premium LEDs for a while and of course hps before and even cmh in the past. Cobs are the big thing in ssl. More par to the plant per watt. I can run 40% less watts for the same results as hps. I am sure of this. I am sure my power bill is less and that my tents cooler. That's all.
  12. I wasn't commenting on your light

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