Looking to order seeds from EU (need help!)

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    Hello a newbie here, decided to ask help to decide my first seeds. Many have recommended Humboldt, Dinafem & Brothers Grimm Seeds but i have no further knowledge of decent genetics. No autos, would like feminized.

    And i was looking to buy from Attitude SeedBank because of the freebies. £50 budget for 4 seeds. Any bank is fine tho if they give good deals.

    Something nice, popular and proven that most folk would agree on.

    Personally i would like to have 1x more indica type? relaxing bodyhigh/highlifting without trippy/anxiety feeling. Dunno if more CBD would help but looking for suggestions.

    And 1x high CBD medical plant would be nice to add to the mix so i can medicate without getting high, i was looking something like Dinamed CBD (plus), but no idea yet what would be good.

    Sorry if is this the wrong place to ask, but any help is apprecited! Just need seeds to get started :)
  2. Dinafem is excellent.
    Their BubbaKush auto is one of my favorites.
    You can't go wrong with Dinafem.

    Dinafem has some other breeders they recommend on the Dinafem website, including Barney's, DNA, DutchPassion, Humboldt, Sensi, Serious, Sweet, and a few others.
    Any strain from any of those will be good.

    You should re-think your stance on autofems.
    They're much easier, and are now on par with regular strains.

    Best is to order directly from the breeder if possible.
  3. Seedsman or gorilla
  4. And do you happen to know any good strains?
  5. I was planning to order something like this, any good stuff here? https://i.imgur.com/szsMvlz.png

    Also would get some freebies on top those:
    1x Fem Dinafem Critical Mass CBD
    1x Fem DNA Genetics Sorbet Collection Bakers Delight
    1x Fem Barneys Farm Cookies Kush
    1x Fem Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze
    2x Reg TH Seeds Mendocino Madness
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