Looking to open another smoke shop

Discussion in 'General' started by AlphaSmoke28, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. I currently own one smoke shop and I am looking to open another, I live in Georgia so if anyone in this state or nearby is interested hmu. 

  2. I'm opening two new ones but they're out in Cali or we could work lol

    Opposite ends of the nation :(

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  3. If either of you need graphic design work I'm trying to add more cannabis related designs to my portfolio. www.raregdp.com
  4. Im born and raised from aus but am traveling to the us looking for invesent properties later this year. Its always been a dream of mine to open a smoke shop. What kind of start up costs would be involved? And would you have any idea if I needed a work visa to operate a business?

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