Looking to move to Denver to get into Cannabis industry

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  1. Hey guys. I am new to these forums and I joined here to get some feelers about possibly moving to Denver to get into the cannabis industry. I am super passionate about weed but I currently live in NY where weed is still outlawed. I don't know anyone personally that lives in Colorado or have any connects there so I am starting here to talk to anyone that has made the move and some general advice of the pros and cons. Thanks my fellow stoners!
  2. Shit...
    Welcome from an Ex New Yorker...I am not in Colo, but in Northern Nevada...I left NY 35 yrs ago and never looked back...Life's too short..go for it...":) BTW: I do not like insulting anyone...but, NY sucks! State + City + Federal Income Tax + Various sales taxes.. Phooey ...No thanks!
  3. Go for it! Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.
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  4. Hell, why not? If you have the resources, knowledge and passion, go for it. I know someone that has fulfilled a dream. He started working as a laborer, trimmer, and grower. Now he's managing an operation in Humboldt.
  5. I moved from minnesota to colorado in october, broke my ankle skiing and had to move back mid december. anyways do it move to denver, city is fucking awsome, mountains are fucking awsome everything. I miss colorado all the time not one day I think of it. Just dont have to money to move back
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