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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rage Quit Girl, Nov 7, 2013.

    Introduce yourself, name your top hobby, & post your favorite movie to watch when stoned.
    I'll start!
    I'm Annabella, I fucking love my Xbox, & I love Grandma's Boy!
  2. Lol I can picture you being a girl with alot of energy. Anyways nice ta meet ya

    Sent from....... wouldn't you like to know. Probably your mamas house.

  3. Hahaha. I am rather energetic, glad you noticed! Nice to meet you as we'll! C:
  4. Hi
    I'm Rich, I like longboarding and snowboarding. Fav blazed movie is prolly This is the end or without a paddle. I love grandmas bit tho, " I'm way too baked to drive to the devils house"
  5. Im jorge 23 chicago, xbox rules, lol holy shit I am naked come on in.......

  6. Hey! I'm Scott and i like techno/edm music, sports and what not. Grandmas Boy is a classic movie lol! I think the movie i enjoy most when blazed is probably Half Baked or any funny movie really lol. Pretty sure just about anything to me is interesting when im tokin  :smoking:
  7. Agrrrred! Techno music, eh? I never could get into it, lol.
  8. Im Philthy from good old Washington state I grow dank study art in college and paint heavily! Welcome!
  9. What part of Washington are you from?

    I'm Derrick, favorite hobby is sleeping, best movie to watch is into the wormhole narrated by Morgan freeman.

    I'm a beast, panther.
  10. Eastern WA, Spokane
  11. hi im Brandon from Baltimore md my hobby's growing n best thing to watch high hmmm ill cheat a lil n say a show witch was braking bad but now American horror story (fing awesome)
  12. I'm His Highness, The 3rd Kazekage, The Ayatollah Of Rock & Rolla, Mac Tonite. Clovis, Central California.
    I smoke weed and exist in the sense that people can see me but do not aknowledge me. This I am and nothing more.
    Caw, caw.
  13. Sounds like a girl version of me lets get medicated lol im tim and how high is one of my favs.
  14. Hi, I'm Josh from LA. I like to hang out with my dudes n smoke. What about movie... I think the nightmare on elm street. Fucking funny when you are high... one two freddy's coming for you...
  15. Hey I'm Allenia and my favorite hobby is drawing.. And my favorite movie when high is.. Jeff Durham lol
    o and im from Lower Tennessee
  16. Hey Annabella Welcome to GC! I'm Jordan from Liverpool, UK who loves to cook! and get hiiiiigh. What games you smashing up at the moment or which you excited for! Grandma's Boy such a top film for meself i'd have to go for Ali G In Da House! British comedy nothing beats it!

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