Looking to make some GC friends:

Discussion in 'General' started by TheOceanInside, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. I just want some specific users to get to know better and talk about lots of things about life, etc. Basically have some chill people to talk to that know more about me than the average random. We can provide encouragement and support etc, jokes, you name it!

    I play drums (i'm a noob though), listen to a wide range of music, (mainly Metal, Electronic, Classic Rock) i wont go into sub genres. Music has been a part of my life FOREVER, i love it.

    I'm a huge gamer, so if you played xbox live (or a game i can play on my mac, like Star Craft) would be appreciated but not necessary seeing as this is for GC. it would just be a bonus.

    I'm 18, and slowly figuring out my interests. lately i've been into politics a bit, psychology, music, and gaming, so if that's you too, then hit me up!!!

    i also love jokes and comedy too. and dont get me started on movies, i am a big movie buff.

    basically i'm just looking for smart friendly people to talk to. no assholes and no dumbasses please.
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    Yo bro you can hit me up. Age 20, Im also into politics, phycology, and ive been playing drums for a good 5 years now....Been in metal bands. Ive recently been watching a large amount of documentarys. The world fascinates me. Its all chill, good vibes.
  3. O_O Let's be friends. *stands real close and breathes on your neck with my mouth open*
  4. Yeah why not man. I play guitar, and we might have some bands we like in common. Looked into taking some Psych courses at University but opted for Philosophy as my option class. Can't say I'm too into politics though, I'm over in Canada so that will probably differ anyways. Haven't had shit all to do the last few days other than look for jobs and such haha

  5. dope is there a way to manage all this on GC... like a private thread or something similar?

  6. lol this made me laugh but i can't tell if you're serious :cool:

  7. nice man same as me, cept for the metal bands! cool!!!!

    defs check back into this thread, i'm thinking a private thread or something similar. :hello:
  8. i'll be your friend is you want. i play guitar like all kinds of music but specifically blues, rock, and acoustic songs i guess lol.
  9. does anyone know of a way to make a private thread lol
  10. what do you mean?

  11. like a group message or thread that only people who are allowed can access it
  12. top right of the screen go to "private messages"

  13. for groups though, not just individual messages. i know how to PM and stuff

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