Looking to make small business scale extracts at home and am wondering if this will do?

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    Besides this I was looking at the across international 1.9 cubic foot vacuum oven with a cold trap.
    I am absolutely new to this but I have a lot of decent product that would be ok for extract but not as good for smoking. 20190525_201501.jpg
  2. Just under 7K to make dabs?? I'd rather spend the 7k on more weed lol
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  3. Weeds not the issue ✌
  4. You dont need all that. I make what I consider far above dispensary grade small batch BHO with a glass blast tude, some good butane and $25 worth of equipment. You only need the vac to speed up the purge on large batches. This can work but that a f-load of equipment to run personal batches.
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  5. Just curious, have you made BHO before? If not start without a pressurized set up. Pressure + flammable gas + inexperience = bomb.
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  6. I'm looking to make top notch extracts that I can, I've used a tube and a plate with hot water it doesnt make what I want. I've never tried using a vacuum before though. Also I'm looking to run 10+ pounds to start so I dont want to load up individual ounce tubes.
  7. That's why I want the closed loop system.
  8. Also I'm wanting to use a mixture of butane and propane (70/30) if that makes any difference here.
  9. What is wrong with the BHO you are making now. All a vac system will do is cut the purge time. If you dont have you pruge process down beforehand vac are more trouble than they are worth. If you really want to step up your pruge I would move to winterization. Still is I were purging a 10 pound brun I wouldn't but something like that. I would set up a giant tray to blast on to a scrape it thin, then purge long and slow. this is the original way to make shatter.

    Vac are only needs to speed up the purge. Even in a vac you need to spear the concentrate out to get a good quality purge.
  10. Rules to a good shatter purge are be patient, dont fucking touch it and dont let the temp cross 150 F. I can get shatter or diamond sauce easy as pie that way. If you want crumble, whip at about 95% purge.
  11. I've never used anything but food grade butane. In my experience spend the money on good gas. Butane is sold in dones of grades. Most butane is totaly unfit for BHO extraction. Same process done with bad butane will produce poop soup.
  12. I'd like to see it cause I've never made anything close to quality concentrates that I could purchase just by whipping it. Plus it never tastes super good i figure this should make quality and be consistent?
  13. I've used 9x refined butane what're you using?
  14. Another question, wouldnt that machine make better erl even if using a lesser quality of product? I figure itll make a more pure solvent?
  15. This is what I blasted monday. Notice you can read the anchor text on the Pyrex clean as day through the shatter. I blast onto pyrex not Teflon so it doesn't come off the pan without scraping but Im not comfortable with Teflon blasting. This purge took 5 hours with depth of about 1/4 - 1/8 inch at hour 2. FYI all those bubbles have popped. No sparks or bubbles when smoked. Purge isn't over until the bubbles all pop, every single one.

  16. Nothing but Whip-It ordered direct from them.
  17. I've never made nothing clear like that it always turn to budder or crumble never been able to produce a shatter
  18. I bought a case before the headshop switched brands
  19. Patience and good butane. All i use is a Walmart griddle and $5 fast read thermometer. Look at my grow journal for more details. Save your 6K
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  20. I'm not sure how to view your journals

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