Looking to make online and real life friends, lets kick it

Discussion in 'General' started by AmorMalakain, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Thanks for taking time to read this :D
    This summer I want to travel the US by thumb bumming (hitch hiking) just because I haven't really been around all that much. Not really too concerned about 'tourist attractions' I more so just want to experience different people and different atmospheres. I make friends with anyone whose willing to be friends but I tend to become good friends (more often) with people who ingest MJ.

    What my plan is: I want to meet some people to want to be friends and let me kick it/crash at their place for a few days or a week or whatever. I am currently in AZ but it doesn't matter where I am going. Ill go to Washington, New York, or Florida and everywhere in between.

    Im not a free loader: I don't expect people to just give, give, and give to me. I am more than willing to help those in need, and those who help me. So IDK if your remodeling or building a garage or something and want extra hands, ask me to come over. I'll work my fat off and then we can kick it. (this is just an example) Ill help with anything. Then again if you are down to letting a traveler sleep under your roof its greatly appreciated.

    More about me: I can be crazy fun or super chill depending on the energy around me. I like to have fun and joke around. I am sarcastic in my humor and don't like to deal with BS drama. Not saying people don't have their problems just... well I think you know what I mean. I have a couple hobbies. I work on computers, play guitar, meditate, and yoyo from time to time. I work hard and play easy. I watch a lot of documentaries and have a lot of subject interests just ask me. Oh! and I'm all about peace and love. Free hugs foreva.

    So yeah if your interested in helping me out or just want to be online buds PM me or post under this thread? still not sure how the whole forum this works.

    Peace and Love - Amor Malakain (Kain)

    PS please no organ cultivators, drama addicts, or sheep.
  2. couchsurfing.org
  3. He's with the feds run!
  4. i feel like you cut peoples livers out and sell them [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Sounds harmless enough, but so does giving candy to little children

    Meh, ill take my chances
  6. 0.o

    You'll get killed if you hitch hike that much...
  7. If you're north of Boston and right on the New Hampshire border into Mass.

    Basically if you know where Plastow is,the Walmart,Home Depot,Pawn Shops,New Berry Comics along the highway.Ill meet with anyone decent but not near my home.I live around those places lol. Id like to meet other blades,even if theres a chance ill run into a bad one
  8. Interesting that right when I click on this thread the song itz a setup by gang Starr comes on..
  9. Hitchhiking only worked in the 70's when everyone was just trying to get high and life was good nowadays everyone watches too much news and suspects every hitchhiker is a serial killer that will cut them up into tiny pieces.

    It would be awesome if you organized a group of say 15-20 people off GC to partake in this journey with you only instead of hitchhiking and freeloading you could all just stay at a different persons crib that's in the group and rent out a bus and toke the SHIT out of it while touring the country. A stoners tour of the states if you will, I'd join.
  10. Bull. People are just scared into believing that hitchhiking is dangerous. Id say its only dangerous if your a girl and your alone.

    Otherwise the chance of getting killed by hitch hiking, is about the same as getting killed by someone looking for a random person to kill for a gang initiation.
  11. @Exodus2011 | like a travel buddy not a butt buddy right? :p

    @nom de guerre | thanks I'll look into that

    @Mr.Burnsalot | no im not -.-'' What makes you think Im with the feds? There is a hundred more creative ways to bust or 'follow' people that the feds could use

    @Jose Bautista | 100% serious. Apparently Im doing online to real life social networking wrong?

    @BluntCheefah | I dont even own any knives or have any connections to the black market

    @Jankasauras | well there's always the chance of cavities.

    @iSPARK | I know how to watch my back. I've done more dangerous things in my life.

    @Kurdt Cobain | yeah if I make it up that way sometime I'll hit you up. Dont be afraid to get to know me before then though

    @monopolyman | That sounds like fun and I do have equipment to make bio-diesel >.> then thing is I really don't have any monetary funds for something like that. Also I wanted to meet locals and get a good feel for everywhere I went. I have met busing travelers and they just go from Walmart to truck stop every other city and don't really experience locals things hitting festivals here and there but talking about it further would be interesting.

    @Solipsist NPC | agreed. I am not female and I can handle my own so no worries plus Im looking to meet people not get organs lol
  12. My buddies are out hitch hiking right now actually.
    They are going to the best college football game of each week, and they are very successful at it. People always pick them up.
    And to sleep they use couchsurfing.com.
    I've used it a few times as well. Great way to meet new people from different areas, and its free. Traveling is fun and a life changing experience. Do it.
  13. do you do double anal?

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