Looking to improv during flower.

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  1. Hello all.

    Currently using no till coots mix in 20 gallon pots. Im curious if i should do anything differently during flower? Should i not be using something or maybe im missing something? Im looking to increase quailty. After trim dry n cure it juat doesnt seem to be up to the quailty i want. Im currently running very good gentics ( i think) from bodhi and rare dankness

    From start to finish. So i just harvested and im throwing in a new cut.

    Top dress with crab, alfalfa, neem, kelp. Water after transplant with tm7 and molasses.
    1st of each month top dress kelp, neem, and alfalfa. Every other week top dress mbp. Every other week ( opposite of mpb ) i water ful power, coco, aloe and silica.

    I do that throughtout start to finish. At the start of flower i do another watering of tm7 and molasses.

    I keep my temps as low as i can which is 80ish. Im using blumats. And 1800watts hps.

    Currently getting my worm farm started so i can add fresh ewc soon.

    Any suggestions? Im looking for quality. My current batch curing tastes really good but crystal and bud density looks like it needs improvement
  2. Personally I chill out on alfalfa, coco, kelp, neem/karanja, fulvic halfway through flower and use mostly EWC/compost, MBP, some aloe, and agsil through the rest of flower.

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  3. Can do.

    I thought i was using to much during..

    Sounds like i just gotta stop adding stuff the last month of flower. I will give that a go.

    Any other suggestions?
  4. What are you using for a P source and when are you adding it?
  5. I was under the impression that npk wasnt needed in no till pots... But what i posted is evreything i use.

    Whats your go to for p boost?
  6. What about bat guano? Use it for 1 top dressing during flower?
  7. The last few weeks of flower should be a time when the plant is winding down and using the stored sugars for energy for finishing out the buds (the shedding of sorts you get the last few weeks before harvest). Most people will even flush their plants the last couple of weeks before harvest to flush out any chemicals they've used along the way. I don't flush because we don't use enough chemicals in our plants for it to even make a difference. We grow in soil and the soil does 80% of the work for me. Do use some nutes along to spur them on, but have always had very healthy and vibrant plants and have never been able to give nutes at any kind of a high rate because it just burns the plants. The longer you let them flower and mature, the more potent the plant will be. Of course, the cure has a lot to do with the potency as well. But if you've got the genetics and have been letting them mature enough, there is no reason you shouldn't have killer results. Maybe you should try some different strains. Lots of strains don't have nearly the punch as others do. I grew some Blueberry once and after smoking the stuff we grow normally, the Blueberry didn't even really buzz me. White Widow is by far the favorite among my people because it continually kicks your butt. I've been smoking it for years now and never once does it fail to do the job. That's my two cents worth. TWW
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  8. How is your lighting and airflow?

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  9. Good, old, tried and true, steamed bone meal. It's mainly added when building the mix since it's such a slow release. When I do do a top dress, like on heavy bearing, long term peppers, I'll allow at least a month for it to become available.

    Fun Fact: Far from being a slaughterhouse *waste* product, the majority of bone meal is used in the production of gelatin.
    That's right, aside from some colorings and flavorings, Jell-o is pretty much pure bone meal. Guess we all ate a goodly amount when we were younger. Many still do.

    There's always room for ... bone meal ??
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  10. 1800watts hps. Tons of airflow.

    I love jello shots!

    Good to know i ordered some sea bird guano and bone meal.

    When would you apply them? After researching and what you said im going to try n add the bone meal at the start of flower and then after 4 weeks into flower hit it with some seabird guano.

    I always use low amounts of inputs. Iv been reading seabird guano improves flavor? If so this harvest will taste so good as its already like inhaling pine needles made of candy. So good
  11. I'm curious which Bodhi strains you're running? I just dropped 8 packs from him.

    As I went further down the no till rabbithole, I began asking myself why my soil doesn't have everything a plant needs? It certainly should.

    Turns out, my soil DOES have everything my plants need! I have a 150g bed that has been running on water only for almost a year. On top of that, the bed has received zero inputs for almost a year as well.

    It's enough to make a guy feel like a real pot grower. I doubt this could be pulled off in lil 20g pots. More soil is my suggestion.

    More is less with soil. Less headache, watering, feeding, etc.

    Less is more with bioag, Protekt, MBP, etc.etc. I prefer none...just dirt.

    The only exception is aloe and kelp which I use as a tea at transplant.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  12. Unfortunately... I gotta work with what i got. I thought about having beds but if anything went wrong in my grow, how am i to move a 5x7 bed of soil?

    As for bodhi i am curently running love dawg. This is my first go with it and after chopping males i have 4 females in flower right now. The plants tripled in size and i was not ready for that. The biggest increase in size i have ever seen during flower. They are almost 6 foot.

    I also have bodhi love triangle and silver mountain.
  13. I really liked the seabird guano but it ended up being too spendy for my poor ass.

    Do more research on this, it's damn near as slow as bone meal and adding it 4 weeks into flower might end up being 5 weeks too late.

    IDK though. For me, everything that's going to be added is usually added before flowering is even started. Maybe some kelp meal and fresh VC, but even that is iffy.
  14. Too expensive? I found 5lb for 20$ and it says you only need tbsp worth. Also has directions for making a tea out of it.

    But either way it sounds like i should add them both at flower flip. I have been reading it takes a couple weeks for them to break down into usable nutes for the plants.

    I honeslty think this is what im missing... I have little to no P in any of my inputs.
  15. Im glad I'm not wondering how I'm going to move (16) 400 gallon beds. This is because I have 100% faith in my soil mix. Here's a pic of my oldest no till bed this morning right when the lights went out. I will be ending this grow after the next round and will have to move it. Not really a big deal.

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  16. Mammoth P

    Best shit you'll ever use
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  17. Lets just say my grow isnt in a 100% stable condition. If something happens i may have to move all my soil. In 20 gallon pots this is doable. Trust me i would live to run indoor beds.

    I do have a bed outdoor though that is going on 2 years and is thriving. I just top dress it when i remeber but other than that its water only.

    Yes thats 1 plant
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  18. I was looking into this but reading mixed reviews. Also the price tag on that stuff is ridiculous.
  19. I was looking into this but reading mixed reviews. Also the price tag on that stuff is ridiculous.
  20. I've used it now for 3 runs, and I wouldn't use anything else. I love it. Well worth the price, imho.

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