Looking to grow again and have a few questions on strain etc.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sleek821, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Greetings fellow tokers !!!!!!! My girl and I have decided to move in with each other pretty soon and would like to have a couple plants to take care of and their fruits. The only problem we have run into is the strain we would like to get. We have checked out attitude. We want a strain that will get us fucked but not over the top. We will be attending college soon and would like a smoke that would mellow us and not turn us into goo. We plan on growing in a stealth box or closet. Not sure yet. I have never done any indoor grows and only have experience growing garbage bag seed. Leave and suggestions or comments you want. Thaanks :D
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  3. I'm not as experienced as some of the other tokers here but will try help in the meantime. So it sounds like you want a strain that allows you to function well whilst using it (not too cloudy minded) and you want to avoid couch lock.

    You also want a small grow, so probably worth looking at indica strains (they do tend to make me sleepy though). But they are normally (from what I've read) smaller plants. Any strains you have tried and enjoyed to effects of? Might give responses a little more depth.
  4. Sour desiel really made me high, viking...was ok. Those are all i can think of for strain specific. Usually got weed that i wasnt sure what strain it was. I just looked at the density of the bud, no seeds, dro, smell, texture etc.
  5. How about Orange Bud, seems to be what ya want.

  6. There are many hybrids which would fit what you are seeking. I do not say this often, however considering recent events, I would go with female seeds. I would go with Femaleseeds.nl b/c they have very reliable female strains. Considering your plans, these would work very fine in a stealth box or closet:

    Widowrella, Grapefruit, Iced Grapefruit, Cinnamon, or Northern Lights would all suit your situation and give you decent yields. Although allo these are fairly potent, they are not couchlock.
  7. Do you guys know of any sites/setups for closet or stealth box growing? Im thinking of moving tto Cali and idk how the mountains are for growing or how the fuzz is.
  8. you should get an indica sativa hybrid. you want a small plant but not a drowsy high. sativas usually give you that clearer energetic feeling while indicas give a stony couch-lock. go with maybe ak-48 its a train from nirvana seed shop. it has a good indica size but a sativa high.

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