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  1. Hello blades! (is that still a thing?) I have finally gotten support from my family to pursue my goal of opening a dispensary in my hometown in Missouri. I have been canvasing for years for the Show-me-cannabis campaign and I truly believe they have gotten some traction over the years and I see state laws being amended very soon! I have experience with building small ninja rooms in various friends houses throughout the years, some so large they require air conditioning units! I love growing! Just the thought of clipping fan leaves under HID lighting or smearing rooting hormone on some freshly cut clones puts a smile on my face :D I figured this community would be the best to start my search, well I've already started applying to dispensaries and grow warehouses in the Colorado Springs/Denver areas but most require you to apply in person, have a red card or a badge.. I doubt I'll be able to get any of those things being a resident of Missouri but I am going to rent a room from my friend in Colorado springs and I will be out there shortly after Thanksgiving! I just know that if I don't pursue this   I will regret it for the rest of my life. I have memorized Ed Rosenthals grow bible, Jorge Cervantes, Rick Simpson.. I'm constantly trying to learn more about the way the business works but at this point I need something more substantial than internet knowledge.. I've seen "trim classes" being offered in Colorado.. would this be something worth pursuing? I think it would give me some connections with people in the industry but I think I know how to trim already! I'm not sure about a lot of stuff but I will be able to continue to do repair work for a national construction company that manages a lot of properties in Colorado so I will have a semi-steady income and some savings so compensation is really not that high up on my list of things I want from my employer. I really just want an opportunity to learn and bounce around to different tasks related with the growing, processing, and selling of cannabis. 
    I've been to bartending school and believe that all of the lessons I learned there are applicable budtending, of course with the exception of having to deal with drunk people.. I will have my own set of tools when I move out to Rado and at the very least could be a handy man!
    Any responses/words of wisdom are greatly appreciated, I'm kind of nervous embarking on this as its pretty much every stoners pipe dream but I think I can make it happen.. I could just use a little help!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Maybe this isn't the right sub.. I guess it makes sense that there wouldn't be a regional forum on this site but if there's a more appropriate place for this kind of a thread let me know!
  3. Before opening my dispensary, a friend of mine who also owns a dispensary moved to Colorado for 18 months to do exactly what your trying to do. He had luck in Colorado Springs getting a job for "We Grow Colorado." The owner of this dispensary in the past has been willing to have intern growers help him out while learning. He is also very well connected in many states in the mmj industry.

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  4. Can't thank you enough for the information!! An internship is exactly what I'm looking for!

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  5. @brandenatgreenhouse - is there any chance you have a name or email address of this gentleman that you could pm me?

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  6. I'll see if I can get his contact info.

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  7. That would be awesome!

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  8. just some helpful tips try and check out some videos and doc. to see how they run a dispensary so you already have a vibe or feel to it if you will on how day to day customer attitudes and needs are.. wil make it easier to look a little less like a new worker to a customer. lol
  9. Thanks for the tip! Would it be accurate to say most customers know what they're going to purchase? Whether it's concentrates or edibles or tinctures, isn't it the budtenders job to be versed on all the strains to help the customers find the right thing? Or are they more just familiar with the delivery systems leaving the customer to make up their mind on strains? I'd imagine the strains vary quite a bit.. Any info about the workings of a dispensary is great to know! :)

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  10. Most Colorado customers on the medical side do know what they are looking for but in the rec industry, you are dealing with the tourist trade that have mostly been smoking brick or bad home grown and have no idea about different phenotypes associated with hybrids. When you get here, you will need to apply for a support badge and deliver your app in person at the downtown location. I am sure you have read the application...it is overly intrusive but is a necessary evil.
    Most of the master growers are people that have been growing for years and are always seeking interns with a lot of experience. The master cultivator at my buddies chain of rec/med shops was an intern with Soma's breeding program years ago and moved to Colorado 6 months before we were officially legal so to the previous posters comments about internships...they will most likely be very low paying jobs as many people have come here seeking entry to the industry. There are many jobs, as you stated, in trimming and concentrate weighing/filling and bud tenders.
    I would make the move and get the support badge first and foremost. Just getting in the door is a good start if you have ambition and show a strong work ethic! Good luck and PM me when you arrive!
  11. Thanks for the info and good vibes! My soon to be roommate out in the springs needs to renew his card in Denver anyway so I'm going to apply with him when I get out there! Compensation really isn't my concern, I just want to get some hands on experience.

    Cannabistrainers.com has a class scheduled for December 10th, could anyone on here voice an opinion on the value of these classes? It's almost $150 but I think it would be a good way to meet some people and show that I'm interested in the business on all levels. Thanks again for the support guys!

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  12. If you get some type of certification of card or something to prove you did the class it could help. Otherwise I doubt they would tell you anything you don't know. Maybe one or two things but that's not worth the 150 bucks for something youll learn anyway. A certificate however would look good to have applying places. It's a hard business to get into.
  13. Yea and I have zero connections.. Idk it's expensive but seems more legit than the people on Craigslist asking $60 for a "trim class" lol

    travel2much You were definitely right about the badge thing.. People don't want to talk to you without it.. Ugh I wish I were out there!

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  14. Driving across Kansas is SO boring.

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  15. Sure man! I'd definitely recommend Ed rosenthals grow bible. So much info packed into that book!

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  16. That sucks man. Anyone who needs a bartending school should pm me. I'll only charge 5 grand a year and you will get to intern at my bar! Deal? Seriously. I can even teach you bottle tricks... giggitty.
  17. check out weedhire.com also there are schools you can go to and learn everything you need theres one in oakland CA called oaksterdam university :)
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    at least you are putting in the work to make your dreams come true!
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    My family owns a bar and we've had all of our employees go through this school so it wasn't like I went out of my way to attend it.. Although I learned way more than I anticipated I would

    Where's your bar at?

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    Oaksterdamn is the biggest joke ever. All they do is teach you ed rosenthal books. Give me a few grand and I will give you mine :)
    Go to college. Get a degree in business management and a minor in plaint science, horticulture
    Or organic chemistry.
    Trust me on this. It's was the best decision I have ever made.

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