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    So i'm new to these forums, but:

    I'm looking into getting a new bong, and i'll probably buy it from grass city.

    I'd like something just around a foot, maybe a few inches taller.

    Does any of you have good pieces that are around a foot, and if so what attachments work with it (precoolers, etc).

    Any feedback is welcome!

    Keep it exotic stoners :smoke:

    EDIT: let's go with a $250 limit!
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    If you want decent china glass:

    Black Leaf - Inline Perc Glass Bong - "The Nautilus"

    Only $85.00 and it hits like a charm. :) It's not a foot long, but I would recommend it to anyone.


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  3. Welcome! It may help if you let us know how much you're wanting to spend.
  4. Price i really am not worried about, i'm just looking for ideas! What people have, and what people know works well. Price can be sorted out later :D
  5. Price isn't really an issue, i'm just looking for ideas! I want to know what people have and what works for them. Price can be sorted out later :D
  6. My best piece of advice is to not limit yourself to the GC shop. There are plenty of places that will have just as good, if not better glass. Some reputable companies for straight tubes you could look into:
    US Tubes
    RooR (if price really isn't an issue. They are nice, but more of a collectable imho)
    Illadelph (same situation as RooR)

    There are plenty more, these are the first few that come to mind. Again, price is really going to determine my best recommendation
  7. Try SSFG, Soul Shine Family Glass, excellent pieces! I have a mini inline from them, bubbles like a champ. It's American Made, 5mm thick glass.
  8. Let's go with around a 250$ price limit!
  9. Don't buy cheap china glass. Invest in some quality glass and you will be glad you did. For $250, you can get a really nice quality piece that will hit loads better than any china piece you could find.

    For $250, I would buy a king stemline from Apix Designs along with a disk diffused slide. :bongin:

  10. And where does that sell? Not on GC
  11. MOmo glass Boomstack. Super smooth and in your price range. I'll PM you.

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