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  1. Hey all just wondering what seeds people would recommend for a beginner to try?
    I'd prefer something that is fairly resilient but still a good smoke and better high haha
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    Check out Nirvana seeds. Pick up some auto flowers. They're resilient as hell!
  3. Thanks mayor I'll look into them now :)
  4. Hybrids (a cross of sativas and indicas) tend to be tougher and fast to grow and flower. You can go for autoflowers, but the best ones don't normally finish much faster than photo period strains(ones that need 12/12 light/dark to flower), and have lower yield and strength. Popular hybrids are skunk, jack herer, and cheese over here in Europe. What do you like to smoke...?
  5. If I could justify another plant, I'd go for the bubblicious auto. I've heard very good things.
  6. This is going to sound pathetic but I think I've only ever tried white widow, the rest has always been unknown bagseed. It's part of the reason I want to get real seeds haha, I remember the white widow got me wrecked but I've heard it can be a bit touchy to grow
  7. +1 for autoflowers. They are quick, and compact so you can make your mistakes and move on without losing much time/effort.
  8. Eh. I'd never been really big on names and genetics until I started growing. There's a lotta interesting stuff out and about nowadays. Some really good companies sprouting up in Denver and Washington.

    Go for the bubblicious!
  9. Bubblicious is getting a few mentions so far, I'm just curious as to why people like it so much, is it just a real nice smoke
  10. The plant is pretty, there's some good phenos, decently high THC...

    I've never had it.
  11. Tried bubbilicious a couple of times, nice smoke. Not the strongest but nirvana are a reliable company, did their lowrider for my first grow. Seeds arrived, germinated and autoflowered ok...
  12. If you don't treat White Widow like some entitled little bitch, they're easy to grow. The thing is; Don't run the Daddy Day Care routine. They are a weed, they will grow. Too much water and nuting every time you water is where people freak out. Water about every 3-4 days, run lights 18/6 during veg for 3 weeks and then 12/12 to the finish line. You'll be very happy. 
  13. Thanks red, I think I fall into that category I'm constantly checking on a seedling I have and probably stressing it out for it
  14. Plant it, water as needed every 3-4 days, learn to use the weight of the plant container as a guide (think weight after watering compared to three days later after drying out some), make sure your digital timer is set correctly and just leave those lil' bitches alone. They will grow beautifully. Watch some youtube videos too. Trim the lower branches to get the greenery about 5"-8" above the soil. Try to find some bamboo stakes for using to support and use cable ties for this so you don't cut into the stalk.
    Also I assume you have an 18" or so oscillating fan blowing on them. The fan should be started as soon as they come out of the ground. This is a total workout on the stem/stalk and helps it build a strong foundation to build a beautiful plant from.
    Summary.....don't fuck with them to much.
  15. Well that sounds true, but you're still going to have 55-65 days involved on most Autos with the whole time frame of planting to harvest.
    The beaches love to be left alone to do their thing. Put some romantic music with them to listen to and they will go forth hungrily. White Widow is a smelly one though.
  17. man try out some strawberry cough ya can't go wrong my friend had theeeee daaaaankest my goodness haha
  18. Oh man, I'm currently growing some strawberry cough x chemdog and I absolutely love this plant. Crazy amounts of growth and these buds look sooooo delicious.

    I just ordered some grease f2 and grapist seeds from RedEyed Genetics. Pretty stoked on those too!
  19. I recommend any of the f1 hybrids from peakseedsbc.  Very easy to grow.  Very potent.  Breeder direct seeds at prices you won't find anywhere else and amazing customer service.  Free shipping too!

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