Looking to get some of barneys seeds? Banks help?

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  1. So I'm looking to get some pick n mix seeds feminized from barneys and I've found a ton of sites but as I'm about to check out there's issues seedsman took my order only to send me an email stating they were having cc issues couldn't process I tried attitude they gave me an error stating they're not taking ccs bonza seeds let's me make it all the way to cc part then it won't take my card? I just want to pay using my debit card anyone used any of these places recently? Help would be appreciated incase your curious the strains I'm looking for are critical kush (fem) peppermint kush (fem) ayahuasca purple all from barneys
  2. Marys seeds might. I got a coyote cookied from barneys farm there.
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  3. I've been buying small amounts from several different banks lately to satisfy my seed fetish, and have had recent good luck with sensible (amazon uk gift card bought with visa) and just feminized (credit card), with a couple of orders from mephisto (direct with credit card), and oasis (credit card) on the way (I hope). You can also buy direct from nirvana.
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  4. Bonza (their provider is a bit weird though), MSNL, The Single Seed Center to name a few that take USA CCs
    True North in Canada..etc..There are many recent threads here to look thru! Didn't really look for your strains though..I do know that Bonza has the AP you are after..Their CC Provider is something called PayoFix so expect 2-3 days delay before they process your CC order!
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  5. Check out the Single Seed Centre. Never had an issue with them and they take credit card. Unless if you're willing to go with BitCoin, I can't think of many mix and match places.
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    first off I would like to say thanks to everyone for your replies.. How recently did u use them I saw there site but I also heard a lot of people say they had been shutdown so I wasn't sure and I'm in the us.. sorry I forgot to mention
    Also put an order at just feminized they charged but I've yet to revive a email confirmation just hoping for best I'm sure it'll be fine

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