Looking To Get My First Job.

Discussion in 'General' started by weedgetsalong, May 28, 2013.

  1. I am 18 and I am going to be looking for my first job soon. I am smoking my last 4g tonight. then i will need to be clean for drug tests. What should I consider when looking for my first job.

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    Nothing. It'll end up being some minimum wage retail or fast food gig. You're 18, take whatever you can get. 
  3. If you end up working the corner, like most of the fellas in GrassCity, consider using a condom. There are some pretty dirty people out there. 
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  4. I would at least try for something that will give you even a little bit of experience with what you want to do in the future. This can be really important as most jobs now even with degrees want experience, so it's good to consider that.
  5. Dominos, Drug dealer, prostitute, Flippin burgers, leeching of your parents or grandparents for another 2 years and say your looking.
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    It's just so damn hard to find employment anywhere! You gotta know people that know people, unfortunate but just the way things work.
  7. I got my first job life guarding for a privately owned company no drug tests minimum wage but its an easy job and I'm enjoying it
  8. Whatever you do, don't work at fucking Target.
  9. I FIXING hate target man
    I wouldn't work thetev

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  10. Work a river guide gig in Colorado for the summer.  
  11. It's normal to be 18 and not have had a job yet?
    My first job was a bakery and it was money. Mad free doughnuts. Then I bagged groceries, then sold bikes, then repaired bikes, then sold cell phones, then built bikes, picked orders at a grocery warehouse, then served coffee at timmies.....Then turned 16 :confused: Get anything dude, it's all a joke anyways till you find a career.
  12. Just got a job at Booster Juice today, pretty chill.
  13. Since your 18 go for a better job than minimum wage. But since its your first job i'd say some fast food gig. If your willing to though you can be a cashier, a driver, DUDE YOU CAN BE A FUCKIN DELIVERY FOR A CLUB!!
    You can do whatever basically. Go on  craigslist.com right now and go to the jobs section.

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