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  1. I'm looking to get a large pc tower case and hopefully fit a 300w mars hydro led light in there with perspex or something so the plants cant touch the light. Whats minimum distance or is the led not able to burn/over light(if that's possible?) Diy carbon filter exhaust intake circulation reflective sheeting from hydro shop.... whats the best strains for the lsting required to do a pc grow? would I use a long single pot? Runoff tray?? Want 2 in there. Pretty new to all this all help appreciated thanks
  2. If I were you I'd just go with one plant out of a decent sized pot and just keep training and topping it to get it to fill the inside. A short bushy indica would probably work the best. Not sure because ive never grown this way lol. I'd like to though, let me know how yours turns out. If its worth doing it'd be pretty sweet to just have a mini plant goin in a stealthy spot haha. And about the plants hitting the light, maybe some chicken wire would help? Once again not sure because I've never personally tried this just blowing ideas off my head lol. Anyway, good luck in whatever way you do it man!
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