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Looking to delete all router information and reinstall...

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by DemiseInDisguise, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Okay, so i've got a net gear router. it gives internet to my lap top and my dads desktop via a wireless USB, so it's not hooked up to a computer.

    ever since this one bitch moved in next door, my internet hasn't been like it should. i found out she was jackin my connection, and i then put a password on my router. when i did that, though, i must have made another connection to the same router. because when i click on my internet thing in the bottom right hand corner (where it shows you all the connections in your area) it says 'NETGEAR' and 'NETGEAR 2', but like i said it's the same router. both are password protected.

    but like i said, my internet hasn't been the same since, and before i go haggling comcast, i'd like my router to be fresh. so how would i go about completely removing the router from both computers? i dunno if i'm saying that right, but i'd like it to be like I never even had the router so i can reinstall it.
  2. Just uninstall it on both, delete the network connections, and wipe your computer clean with CCleaner or whatever you use for cleaning shit off of it
  3. no idea how to delete the connections. and what do you mean wipe my computer that i use for cleaning shit off? the closest thing i use to cleaning shit off the computer is add/remove programs...
  4. What, you mean 2 connections like this? (under the top section, "Currently connected to", and "FalconFour" and "Unidentified Network")


    That's simple: you've got two physical connections to the same network. Are you on a desktop that has both a cable, and a wireless connection? If both are plugged in, that has the potential to fuck things up, and would explain how you have 2 of the same connection there.

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  5. no. you see where yours says wireless network connections? and it says FalconFour? mine kinda looks like this:

    both of them are to the same router. i don't know why there are two of them there, or how the second one got there. the radio type is the exact same for both of them (don't even know what that means, just seems relevant). i just want both of them to be gone so i can reinstall the router on the computer and have my internet issue narrowed down (to the modem) or fixed.

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  6. hard reset router, uninstall/wipe any software.

    then get creative if you think you might have a leech.....you're liable to do anything within the legal scope of things, since it is your property....

    but anywho, try to do this if you're a good hand at networking:

  7. Reset router, with the name "NETGEAR" it's not even configured at all anyway (other than incorrectly).

    Uninstall any software you put on your computer (why?!). You don't need software to use a router. It's just garbage. DON'T use their stupid little dummy-CD to set up the router. Go to the router's configuration page and set up your settings there, like wireless name and encryption key, internet login, etc. You do NOT need to install ANY software to connect a computer to a router! Just plug it in, or connect to your wireless network, and it's done. So there's nothing to "reinstall"... just reconfigure, if/when you reset your router.

  8. true. the software and your OS want to help, but they end up hurting you in the end.
  9. Click Start button
    Type cmd and press Enter.
    In the black command prompt type ipconfig and press Enter.
    A bunch of bullshit will appear. There is a number labeled "Default Gateway". As an example mine is
    Type that number in a web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. Just the number; no WWW, no .COM, just the number. Press enter.
    You will be prompted for login info for the router. Hopefully you know what password you set, or it is at the default (username = admin, password = password).

    Once you're logged in, click on the Wireless section and see what's there. It isn't too complicated but post back if you have any questions.
  10. okay, i'm still having problems.

    i tried to hard reset it. when i did that, Netgear 2 disappeared from the connections, but Netgear was still there, and it was now not protected by a password. i go to do the hard reset again, and it did nothing. so i log into my router to set a password and do that, and Netgear 2 appears again!

    wtf does a guy have to do to delete this shit?
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    ugh, okay now it's really fucked up.

    so i tried to reset it AGAIN, and netgear2 disappeared, netgear was still there. so i went to change the SSID name and set a password, and when i did that, both the Netgears disappeared, and i wasn't able to log onto the router (192.168.x.x) so then i tried to pop in the router disc (even though you guys said not to) and it said it can't run cause i'm not using the proper windows format (I got 7, highest allowed is Vista).

    so what do i do now? right now i'm online cause i'm connected directly to the modem. i've already tried 192.168.x.x (note: i'm not really putting x's there, i'm putting the correct numbers there.) to no avail, it just says problem loading page.
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    Well, every time you reset it, you put it back to factory settings. So when you keep having problems, it's likely because you're fucking something up in the settings. (edit: re-read it and it looks like you can't even find the router's config page, so yeah... definitely gonna need that model number)

    First of all, NETGEAR is the default SSID for these routers. When you reset it, like clean, out of the box, you get NETGEAR. Since "NETGEAR 2" keeps popping up, that must mean that it's an advanced feature of this router that enables you to have multiple SSIDs. That's a good thing. Learn to use it. But the fact that you keep seeing NETGEAR means you are reseting your router successfully. That is to say... you achieved your goal of resetting it.

    Before I smack you upside the head, I should mention, there is a slight possibility that the router's hardware is to blame; Netgear doesn't exactly make the most stable and reliable hardware. It might just be going dead. I just replaced a dead Netgear MIMO-G router for a friend yesterday. It would lock up/restart every time anything tried to use the internet. So it might not be your fault, but that would be a locking-up problem, not a NETGEAR 2 problem. :p

    So, with that said, I'd need to know the model of your router, so I can Google an interface emulator for your model router, or a user's manual, and I can read your manual, and tell you what you need to do to set up your router properly. It's on the bottom of the router, and it's just one of those things you really should know without looking (like that I have a Linksys WRT54GL here)...
  13. OK follow these steps just as i type them

    Step 1. Disconnect from your router and tell it to forget you connections.

    Step 2. Hard Reset your router.

    Step 3. Unplug the router from your computer and from the power supply

    Step 4. Shut off modem for 30 seconds and then leave it shut off.

    Step 5. Uninstall all netgear software off your computer.

    Step 6. Plug everything back in.

    Step 7. Use disc and reinstall the software.

    Step 8. SECURE YOUR NETWORK!!!!! USE WPA2 (the only reason you should be using anything less than WPA2 is because it will not work i.e Nintendo wii only works on WEP)

    Step 9. Everything should work now. And you should only see one network connected.

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