Looking To Commission An Artist To Design A Vaporizer

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by MiloV, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I'm considering buying a vaporizer, and found a website where you can get custom designs.

    I am trying to decide what design I want.

    I want to base it off some of my favorite childhood characters - have a 'fantasy' feeling to it.

    Wave Rider Series - SSV

    I'm thinking about a "boys who never grow up" theme:

    Peter Pan (and Tinkerbell)
    Christopher Robin (and Pooh)
    Calvin (and Hobbes)
    Finn (and Jake - from "Adventure Time")
    Max (and the Wild Things)

    ... and include a quote from a song I like.

    Anyone interested in helping me hash this out?
  2. Would be interesting to do
  3. Well, are you an artist and wanting to do it? :p
  4. im not the best when it comes to designing figures. but i just got to their site( was on app when i replied ) and they look cool. if i were to ever work on that it would use alot of lines and blocks along with circles and stuff of that nature
  5. I'm down to help you do this if you are talking airbrushing... Glass art isn't my thing but I'm sure there Are lots of skilled glass artists here :)

    Check out my website ChassisIncFab.com for more paint ideas

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