Looking to buy scientific or heady bong in the 200-400 range. + ashcatcher maybe. suggestions?

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    I've been looking to finally invest in a nice bong. My roommate has a nice 1 1/2 ft Roor which i keep using and I want my own. I'm looking for an aesthetic bong that looks nice.
    So I thought about getting this (http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/blaze-glass-tower-tube-double-8-arm-perc-7mm-glass-tube-blue.html#.VDIuhfldUXE) with this ashcatcher <a>(http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/blaze-glass-11-arm-reinforced-tree-perc-precooler.html#.VDIr8_ldUXE)</a>
    but thats on the tip of my price range and I'd like some more options before spending so much. I really liked the Ion mobius design: (http://grasscity.com/mobius-glassworks-ion-bubbler-with-matrix-perc.html) but I would really rather get a double matrix at that price. i forget what it was called.
    I also really like the tree perc just because it looks nice as you see but i know its supposed to have drag? which i dont mind. do any other percs provide any pertinent effects?
    Is there any bong out there that looks like that linked blaze piece? But maybe $100 cheaper because I want to buy a matching asahcatcher. I wanted to get the black one but they didnt have a black tree ashcatcher.
    im also a fan of multi-chambers. and if theres a nice bong in my price range that isnt available for sale in the US for a couple weeks, i am willing to wait. maybe.

  2. Yeah... going to be a load of drag on that girl. Do you really need the catcher? You could go to a basic beaker and add the catcher if you want. But to me it looks like a hard piece to clear for the majority of the blades. I wish I could point you in the right direction, but keep looking and good luck.

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  3. Buy the Mobius Stereo Matrix (the double matrix) for $420. Skip the ashcatcher and get a carbon filter for $20. You'll be way, way better off. Blaze glass is expensive China. I'm blown away they have pieces in that price bracket, tbh.
  4. Floppy nailed it. A möbius or other reputable brand on aqualabs.

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  5. Any interest in a SGW waffle?
  6. Why would anyone want to drop $400 on a China made bong? And $72 for a China made ashcatcher. Get a roor, for that price you can get a really pretty one. Or mobius, like other users have suggested.

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