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looking to buy my first bong-- suggestions??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stilldeciding2, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am a novice smoker. I have smoked a few times and have access to OK weed such as mids or fire mids.

    I don't smoke a lot, but I plan to use my bong maybe once a week.

    I want one that is

    1) VERY cheap (since I have to pay for intl shipping)... less than say, $25.
    2) can get me fucked up with some good hits,
    3) easy to clean
    4) preferably has the big bubble thing on the bottom to hold more smoke
    5) sufficiently tall to hold enough smoke

    Any suggestions?
  2. im sorry but your not gonna find a "good" or even decent bong for under 25 with shipping or without. my bong was 107 and i picked it up from a headshop. its a small sour bong. a "good" bong if you will. you should look for acrylic bongs as they are cheaper and if you wont be using it often its not an investment to you its just a bong so i would stick with acrylic. it still beats out a bowl...
  3. Damn,,,just go 2 canal st. chinatown,,every corner has very cheap bowls,,bongs,,,and i seen some nice incents.
  4. Acrylic is OK in my book. Remember, I'm am just a novice. I don't need any bells or whistles. I don't care much about the color of the bong or the material or anything. I also wanted to clarify that my initial $25 number would NOT include shipping. So if shipping is $12 I will obviously be willing to pay somewhere around $25 + $12 ship = $37 total.
  5. I also just moved to a new place in FL where I don't know many ppl and don't know where to buy a bong. So buying it online is pretty much easiest for me. I wish there was a trustable domestic site to buy from. The best site I can find is grasscity.
  6. Dude, shipping and handling from grasscity isn't that expensive.
  7. Ok, cool. Sooooo.... you got any ideas or suggestions for any bongs??? Like I said I just want a basic cheap one for my first...
  8. IDK if you can find a quality bong for that price. Id keep saving for nice piece.
  9. It's because acrylic isn't as preferred as glass around here but it's still functional. Just know that it would maintain good conditions as a glass piece would and is also harder to clean.
  10. This is out of stock but fits all your criteria and is glass. There is version with ice pinches too that is right at 25 dollars. If I were you I would go ahead and spend the money to get glass, even if it is cheap glass like weed star. The cleaning alone is worth it not to mention the taste factor. Hell, it's even diffused so it should hit super smooth.

    There is also this Molino Pyrex Bong which is a little smaller and not diffused, but on the upside it doesn't have that god awful weed star logo on it and it's only 18 bucks. Molino makes some other very inexpensive bongs but they are smaller than you probably want.
  11. I'd definitely go with a glass on glass, but if you can't spring more than 25 I'd pobably either save up or get a decent spoon at a headshop, not that hard to find one. But yeah, glass with a slide is better than acrylic with a carb.

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