Looking to buy my first bong...Help

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  1. What's good guys?

    I have been smoking for some time now but I am looking for a bong to buy for my room at school. To be honest I am completely lost when it comes to what I am looking for and attachments. I have about $200 to spend and looking for the best bang for my buck. Any suggestions from you guys or any help you can offer?

    Thanks everyone
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  3. I will look into it. Thank you for the response.

    Anyone else??
  4. I went for this one as my first bong recently 
    Then I bought a diffuser downstem and a pre-cooler, like this http://www.head-nature.com/tree/326/head&nature/article/07340/Boost-pre-cooler-II-18,8.xhtml but with a different shapped cyclindrical body and three merging down tubes instead of one.
    It was a nice smooth smoke for my first bong because of the gadgets but the pre-cooler broke soon after, the less gadgets the better i guess ! Definatly get a diffused down tube though.
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    I think I just fell in love with that bong <3
    Do they ship to the US?
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    It's gorgeous I'll try and upload a picture of mine set up, and only 30 big ones too! They might ship to US they're based in amsterdam I think go check their website out "head & nature" grab yourself a diffused downtube from amazon for like 10 


    i think those are different sizes

    But again check their delivery, i hope they do, but if they dont just search for it elsewhere online like this place, http://smoketower.ca/store/royal-bongs#intro

    Here's mine full of ice
    And some of my attachments
    The glass on this one is super thick too
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    Those are some beautiful pieces man!
    Unfortunately they don't ship to the US from the looks of it, but fortunately on smoketower they can. It'll cost me a bit more but it'll be worth it. Thanks a shit ton! :D
    Not a problem, does suck about the price but i guess that's import costs for ya, enjoy man :bongin:  
  9. I would definitely look into it but no US shipping is real weak and won't work
  10. ApixDesign.
    Hands down!

    Check out the site, he makes tubes in your price range. And there's a huge appreciate thread of his work on GC.
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    sounds  good![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]    

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