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  1. I have a 2008 Sentra SE-R im looking to buy quality, bright HID's but not ones so bright they turn purple. I dont know too much about the different kinds/brands but im looking for the best quality for my highs/lows and fogs for a decent price. any help or input would be awesome :smoking:
  2. I believe 6k hids are what your looking for.
  3. i was thinking 8k, but idk if thats too bright where its gonna turn purple after a while. im just looking for a quality brand and i dont know if i need a vehicle specific
  4. Try a Sentra forum or google im sure there's DIY tutorial
  5. I think i got 8k and just a little tint of blue, beautiful
  6. yea that's what im looking to get. What brand do you have and how long?
  7. I hope you don't blind people with those. They're fucking bright when they're in the wrong housing.
  8. I'd get 6-6.5k so its more functionally than just looking cool

    Does the Sentra have projectors or is just a regular reflective housing

    If you have regular housings then the light beam is gonna suck
  9. i had 12ks, way to fucking bright. Also, they were a blueish purple color so anything below 8k should be cool.
  10. Ddmtuning.com get the 35 watt kit in your bulb size and 5000k on color.

    5000k has the most usable light and penetration for distance because it is closest to pure white. When you go over 5000K it starts tinting blue and loosing usable light, once you break 8000K you start going purple and these just glare like crazy in your housing diminish your usable light and then overwhelm other drivers because the colorations effect on the eye. For fog lights I use 3000K because it has a yellow green tint and highlights the road perfect in snow and rain.

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