Looking To Buy A Vape (No Pax Comments Please)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by karmic-cycle, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I had the pax but i had to throw it away, the constant issues with the popping out of the head piece, the problems with it turning on, the draw sucked, and I went through an oz in a couple days. (Personally I feel they tried to be to go to far with their technology and it backfired)
    I am looking for one that is portable only because I need something I can fit into my suitcase or throw in my purse (I don't need it to look stealth). I would prefer something with a good strong hit and ease of use. I would only being using it in a hotel room, or in my apartment. Price isn't an issue, I just want something I can use frequently. I do smoke 12-14 hours a day so extended use would be excellent. 
    (I liked the launchbox and if I can't find anything better I will probably buy that)

  2. Arizer solo sounds like what you are looking for.
    Agreed. Every time I read, "I need it small, but not stealth", Arizer comes out to play. If you really just want a realiable unit, protable (allthought not the stealthiest). Solo kills it. Tried and tested Tech. I wont say this is the only unit that would be an upgrade over the pax, but it's a damn solid choice. $160 on puff it up btw, think most other places are charging a bit more.
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    the solo is perfect, you can also turn it upside and vape huge amounts of kief without it falling into the unit. Great vaporizer
    i use it over my da buddha. Haven't touched the dbv in about 4 months lol
  5. I swear by the MFLB. It's small, works great with a bong if you want, isn't expensive, and most importantly it has a simple design with fewer parts; I've encountered far fewer issues with a flight box than with any other portable vape.
  6. Just for comparisons sake, what other portable vapes have you encountered?
  7. Da Vinci, Pax, Iolite, that one that looks like an inhaler (puffit or something along those lines)
  8. Thats disappointing to hear about the Da Vinci. I have never used one, but I was hoping their new all glass air path model was gonna be something worth buying.
    Notice he said Da Vinci and not Ascent. The reviews about the Ascent are coming in (from reputable guys!) and so far they like it. But I noticed the OP said for extended use, the guys over there said they get 6 sessions out of a single charge whereas the Solo gets about 8. Doesn't seem like it holds up to the 4 hour battery life huh? :laughing:
  10. I guess I should have clarified my meaning, i mean I would be using the vaporizer 14 hours a day which was a problem i think with the pax after a couple weeks the part you suck out of was completely messed up (all the clicking). Battery Life isn't an issue since I work at home and can just plug it in, I just want it to last. 
  11. On vapecritic they said it has the hardest pull out of any vape I tried, which is one of my main problems with the pax.
    A friend of mine has it and I tried it and the pull was so easy it was shocking. So far I have heard mixed reviews though.


  13. Very true Yosh. Im just interested in the all glass air path really. I usually only get about 5-6 sessions out of the solo right now, but im usually up on high temps with multiple people hitting off it.
    Seems like you won't get very many more with the Ascent, they get about 6 sessions in the 400 range. You could just turn the temp down, but then the people in the group would have to adjust their draw for the hits. And the Solo has an all glass vapor path too :p
  15. Arizer Solo or Da Vinci. Both work differently and have there pros and cons. Either way they are the best out right now (besides the one I wont mention) ...unless the Ascent is all its cracked up to be.
  16. Its just so easy to turn it up to 6 and tell people to just hit it. It doesnt matter how you hit it on that temp you will get a lot of vapor. 
    It's comparable to the vapor production of the Solo when both at their high temperatures, and has about the same battery life (their 4 hour mark didn't cut it, it's more like 1 hour). Both are glass pathways, but the difference with the Ascent is it's size and shape. You can pull off the Solo as a small can of soda, and you can pull off the Ascent as a cell phone. The thing with the Ascent is you have to pack the bowl down (not loose like Vapelife Will), and there's 4 small holes at the bottom for air so my thought is kief will fall out and stuff but not much. Still something to worry about though, unless you throw a screen in there.
    That's true, same goes with 5 too. I also have an o-ring in mine, so it gives super thick hits at 5-7. :D
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    I dont know if an o-ring would help mine yet. The rubber seal is pretty damn tight on mine still. I cant even get the stem in there unless its heated up.
    Not yet, but in due time if you use it enough.  :devious:

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