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Looking To Buy A Vape (Need Advice)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by chillin420, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Haha the magic flight is hard to compare to a bong because there isn't any water. It's more like a great tasting, weed saving, expensive, pipe. It hits hard that's for sure. It's a great vape if you can only get trees.
    Well yeah, of course it doesn't involve water, but how does the high compare? How much more powerful is a magic flight is what I was trying to get at.
  3. What does a DBV and LSV mean?
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    Wow this is great. I am looking for anything that is the best that is under 200 and least upkeep maintenance. Is this really best? What about the vapor genie? Or the MFLB or others? Is this pen he is talking about really the best when compared for under 200?

    Also in this posting you mention 3 different devices that you recommend vaping from. But which out of all of them do you recommend is the best? The atmos raw? Or the Atmos RX? Or the Rem? 
    For me I'm looking for whatever the best is that can also vape non oil and non hash. Because I only use bud for now.
  6. DBV= Da Buddha Vaporizer
    LSV=Life Saber Vaporizer
    I wouldnt go for a vape pen unless most of what I used was concentrates.
  7. Well I need a vaporizer. One that can vape dry herb and preferably hash and oil too. One that costs less than 200 and that is as hassle and maintenance free as it can be for that price. One that is easy to use, and has a warranty and one that preferrably but not mandatory can hook on to a bong so I can use both at the same time. i would be willing to buy from anyone with a referral link to what I am looking for. The hardest part is I hear so many different recommendations I don't know which ones are better.
    I've heard of 
    atmos raw 
    atmos rx
    ago herbal
    And lastly vapor brothers.
    Can someone with experience using these tell me which one is most likely to help fill all of my needs in a vaporizer? I will pay 20 to the person who helps me out the most in making up my mind, I am just so tired of all this research and everyone mostly saying that there is the the better one just because it is the one they ended up with.
  8. Also heard of exteme q. And the persi.
  9. I wouldn't say it's the best vape for under 200$, it's all about personal preference, but it is a better vape pen for under 200$.  At 200$ you're bordering the great desk vape category.   You might as well just save 100$ more and get a volcano, dbv, ssv ect at that point.  
  10. So which is better?
  11. I mean out of the list of vaporizers for under 200 for dry herb/oil/
    The herbie/dbv/ssv/ect.....
    Do you want portability, discreteness, or something that just hits you really hard? What size bong do you have? I usually tend to recommend the Solo, it gives thick hits almost like desktops and you can carry it around in your pocket. (I have skinny jeans, you can't give any excuses for that)
    If you want a desktop, I recommend the Da Buddha. :wave:
    Both do waxes and herb, just throw cotton in the bowl. 
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    I have never used a vaporizer before other than e-cigaretes and I am going to purchase one. I want something that is not going to cost as much as the volcano, but that is the best in regarding 8 mandatory must have things. And maybe 2 extra non must have, but would be nice to have things. 8 MAIN CONCERNS. The first that this can vape dry herb. That is hassle free. Maintenance free, Or as close to it as possible. Has a good warranty. Is easy to clean, and doesn't need much cleaning. Is overall easy. Can get me the most out of my dry herb. Is least likely to have parts or the whole thing break easily. Is beginner proof not to cumbust or burn my herb from doing it wrong. Burn proof. And lastly if possible these also Second that it can vape other stuff besides dry herb, kief, hash, hash oil maybe. And that can hook on to a bong. However those last two are not mandatory, it doesn't have to vape keif and hook bong. I don't care if this is portable or desktop. Just to show I'm not lazy, or at least not trying to be, I have done research, and I have a list of vaporizers I think are the cream of the crop, but then again I'm a newbie so this list is immature, but I'm doing best I can sorry. (ALL help MUCH APPRECIATED). The list is DBV SSV PAX Atmos RAW Atmos RX Davinci Ago Herbal MFLB vapor brothers extreme q Herbalaire. Now from what I have been reading on this and or other forum for the last couple days straight without any sleep, is that the top four are Herbalaire DBV ago g5 (its price seems to good to be true from vapor puffs.com so I'm sketchy that I would get the most out of my herb and without burning it.) Then finally the extreme q. Right now if I had to pick one at gunpoint I am leaning towards the Herbalaire because isn't the most idiot proof? And least likely to burn herb? And can use dry herb, and most most most importantly is likely to get the most out of the herb? And with that being said is it theoretically possible to take the trimmings that I would have had to make bubble or dry ice hash out of and just put them directly un grinded into the herbal and get to vape the THC that way because it can be used without grinding so it already is made to ignore the non wanted too vape stuff right? Or am I wrong? I will buy from the referal URL of anyone who is the most helpful, and pay 20. to is the most helpful, I appreciate any help. And if I forgot one on the list of the top four or the long list that deserves mentioning inform me. I understand I already posted something like this before but this is a better updated version of my inquiry that I typed at another forum FC. So I thought I would re post the better version since I am still wait for more replys.
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    Everything that you listed you wanted the Extreme Q does. I've never burnt my medicine and its fool proof. The Cyclone bowl and its filter keep you herbs away from the heater. I've medicated with Kief, Hash and weed. I've dropped mine many, many times and the only problem is one of the silver buttons (bottom right) doesn't work but no glass has been broke in these falls and I use the remote every time.

    Also, I've used mine for a few years now from the time I wake up until its time to sleep, so that's a long time to be turned on and used. I like it so much that if another great vape doesn't show up on the markets soon I will probably just end up getting another EQ because its been really good to me and is simple to use.

    Good luck in whatever you decide on.

    Edited to add- I did replace the whip from the EQ to a flexible food grade tubing because I hated the one that came with it. You can buy them fairly cheap, 5 bucks for 3 or 4 feet. I also changed the mouthpiece to a more favorable one that came with an old vaporizer. But these are minor things. My tolerance is sky high and the EQ can still get me medicated which is a plus for me.
    I recommend the DBV or if you can afford it the SSV. They both have glass on glass wands with a whip, and they are easy to use. They have a knob to change the temp, not gonna break easily at all. But there is a chance that you will burn it your first time if you're not careful, so you just have to pay attention to your draw speed. Slower draw = higher temp and faster draw = lower temp. Keep your knob at one spot (my recommendation, other people will tell you to turn up the knob but I find it unnecessary because you can change your draw speed). And start low and work your way up until you start producing satisfying vapor and then take the knob off and put the knob back on at 12 so you can put it there every single time. 
    I had just the opposite dealings with Vapeworld.  I bought two Arizer vapes (solo and extreme) and some accessories.  The price was on the high side of what I have seen, and they sent me a free grinder.  A $2.99 grinder with a $500 order??  Really.  If I had bought from Toronto Vaporizer, I would have gotten a zeus grinder.
  17. I have an idea for you.  Take the $20 you are willing to give to the guy who helps the most (me) and put it towards your purchase of a Arizer Solo.
    When I got my solo a few months ago I had spent a month with a rented Volcano, but besides that I had NEVER smoked weed or any other kind of plants.
    The Solo was so good and easy to learn (although, it has a much more adjustable temp setting than most) that I hardly ever use the EQ I bought at the same time.
    You can use it where you are, or take it with you.  Best of both worlds,
    I recommend Toronto Vaporizer, because they give the best grinder.  Also, the price is cheaper than US dollars.
  18. Man Im sorry You guys had bad experiences with vape world . And also that the goodies werent good enough. for the grinder , they sent me 2 free aerospaced grinders(plastic one) a 40mm red aluminum 4piece grinder , and a pax Tshirt , in goodies they gave me like 80 bucks . I think the difference is cause i called because i had some provs with my email(hacked). talked to them and they helped me out. For the price i got the pax for 215 and the arizer about the same. they gave me a 10prcent discount since my cards balance was about 500 . first they said it would all come to 512 with the discount was 482 , but when i saw my bill they only charged 455 -465 i dont recall right nowbut u can see they trie theyr best to help( call and talk to them they will give u discounts and help u out , u can even talk about toronto vapes prices , and theyll better or equal them and send u free goodies.if ur product comes bad or damaged call them , send it back , and it should also come with more free goodies for ur trouble . havent had this experience but from my experience with vapeworld if something goes wrong , theyll make it right , just be polite I know how pissed one can be after recieving a 300 dollar damaged item. hope this helps in u guys fiture dealings with vapeworld .
  20. Well i personally own the MFLB and the Pax. As far as a good beginners vape i really recommend the MFLB, its only like 100 bucks or so and definitely conserves bud pretty well, and is by far the stealthiest option. Also, for about the same price range i have an No2 vapir that i like as well, but the pax is definitely my favorite. I don't know about the solo but i've heard great things about that one as well. Also, speaking on cost effectiveness of vaping, I don't know if anyones brought this up yet, but i actually save my vaped bud and use it to make edibles with. Because vaporizing only heats your bud instead of combusting it, lots of the CBDs and even some of the THC is left behind, and the more light brown your vaped bud is the better edibles it will make. And honestly, i wouldn't bother with pen style vapes unless you plan on using it for concentrates, supposedly they just combust flowers.

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