Looking To Buy A Portable Vape.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ILikeWeedxD, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. How is the smell produced by a portable vape compare to a bong hit? I am looking at the DaVinci and the Pax.
    Also, how much does the portable vaporizer start to smell after a large amount of sessions?

  2. LOL, there's barely any smell when you vaporize! Unless you are talking of flavor...and there's a LOT of it!
    If you keep your vape clean and you don't overheat the herb, the vape will smell very little since there's no tar building up on its inside.
  3. If you're looking at the Pax, take a look at the new Ascent. It looks like people who got it already love it. :smoking:
    And smell is less but it's still there. If you're looking to do it inside, vaping will go away in about a half an hour or so unless you take no precautions then it's a couple of hours. :wave:
  4. The mflb doesn't really require that you take percautions if you a) are not seen in the act of vaping b) do not combust the weed c) are not concerned about the smell of the actual, fresh bud d) are mindful of how quickly you vape what is in the trench

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