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Looking to buy a glass ice+water bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by badar, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hey, as the title says it all, I'm looking to buy a glass ice+water bong, as I heard ice really helps with the smoothing the process. So, can I have recommendations? I'm looking for something under 50 euros. I was thinking about this one

    I'm not sure, can I add ice to this bong? Please give me some advices. Thanks

    P.S I found that most bongs on are the same color and don't have any style at all :(

  2. Just buy one near a smoke shop near you. But they are sooo good I used one last night its the best kind of bong ive ever used. This one was liike 140 dollars i dont know how many euros that is sorry.

    But to add ice to it you just drop the ice in sideways and the ice pubes will stop half way down the bong b/c there is an "ice catcher". The ice pubes deff make a difference. Not sure how often you smoke but if its a goo amount of time and you got the money id ssay its worth the buy

  3. Ice pubes eh? Sounds like we've got a bit of a problem :smoke:
  4. Bongs in my country are pretty much shit :( Let me ask again, can I put ice in to that bong I linked to?

  5. Yes you can. That looks like a nice bong too i wouldnt say that is shit,

  6. Haha thats what we say when we need someone to put more ice cubes in the bong.

    "Put more ice pubes in the bong".....idunoo were retarted haha
  7. ywes you can, there's ice pinches unthere the buble chamber.

    But its VERY thin glass.

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