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Looking to build a stealth box for lowryder strains

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FlightSchool101, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Hi all!

    I've been reading the grasscity forums for almost five months and the entire time I've learned so much from the great people here. Your experience and knowledge has been much appreciated.

    Now as per my situation, I'm living at my parent's home and I'm trying to figure out a way to stealth grow while here. I don't want massive buds or premium strains. I'm just trying to get some decent bud that I can smoke and won't have to pay for. I have no closet but I do have an area that is closed in with my clothes and pages filled with various nick-nacks.

    The area is a general size closet and it can house probably a mid to large sized PC tower. The tower could be pretty wide. Probably about a 14 inches wide x 22 inches tall. I want to have four lights. Two lights on the top and two lights on the middle area of the case. The lights are for under foliage and to encourage bud growth down the entire stalk of the plants.

    I want to LST and use organics because I've heard they are pretty cool. I'd love to use soil as well but I don't want to water log the case because I'd afraid it'll leak and mess up the floor.

    My biggest concerns are these

    1. Will I need a lot of open area for the air flow or can I just cover the top and sides of the case with clothes?

    2. If I can cover the clothes will heat be an issue? Will the heat get trapped and cause the plant problems?

    3. What can I do to hide the smell when budding occurs?

    Right now I don't have any more questions and I'm looking for any schematics and advice I can get. I'm trying to get a cheap solution. Probably 100 dollars, if that. I want to use good flowering lights that are also inexpensive. Since I'll be growing one plant the lights wont be expensive.

    Thanks I'll be updating with more info soon!
  2. If you've read this forum for 5 months then you should know not to grow in your parents' house without their explicit knowledge and permission.
  3. Toasty is absolutely right. Parents without permission = disaster and possible criminal charges.

    As far as the rest is concerned, make certain you keep your fans uncovered, and heat shouldn't be a real issue. I assume you're growing with CFLs. When smell becomes an issue, get some carbon filters (marine stores have these) to place over your intake and exhaust fans. These should be placed when you begin growing anyway, since they'll keep the case lightproof as well.

    All this said, we still really think it's a bad idea to grow in your parent's home. The odds that they'll find out about your "endeavor" are very high. No pun intended. :p Good luck though!
  4. i would just be honest with your parents i live at home and have just started growing om 20 years old have a good job and carerr prospects and i like to smoke weed i expalind to my mum that i wanted to do it to save money and keeping away from scum bag dealers because they are people i dont want to get friendly with and to my surprise they said yes, i mean i have to do it in the garage and its under the conditions that i never sell or tell anyone that i grow but thats not a problem atall, just try it you might be surprised
  5. Thnx for all the love guys. I appreciate the great advice. My mom is pretty chill about those sort of things but I know my dad would NEVER allow it. MY mom is like the level headed one and my dad is like the hard headed one he doesn't listen to anything you say unless it's to tell him he's right, lol.

    I'll be out on my own pretty soon and I think when that happens I'll start buildin my grow case. I don't want to endanger my family with my habits and I don't want them getting the wrong idea from the things I do.
  6. fair enough
  7. Well guys I'm back and I'm still fantasizing about growing since my current situation isn't ideal. I've come up with some dimensions and a few ideals on how I'll do things.

    I've moved from the PC grow case idea because pretty soon, within the next few months, I'll have my own apartment. I want to build a grow box about 3ft in lenght x1ft in height x3ft tall. It'll be made out of heavy wood and primed on the outside to resemble a dresser. It'll sit ontop of the water res since I'll be going with Hydro. I know I said organics before but I've been seeing a lot of GREAT things with Hydro. :hello:

    The inside is going to be sealed and coated with Mylar. The plants are going to be in a hydro tray that'll be about 5 inches deep and cover the bottom of the case. I'll make sure to add the entry and exit holes for the water to enter and exit as need be and mesh the ends so no rocks get stuck in the hose.

    I'll be sticking with the idea for CFLs for lighting. Two large CFLs across the top of the grow box and four CFLs a going down to the base of the case. Using LST I'll train the plants to grow upwards and into the light uniformly. I ideally want to grow two plants at a time. They'll be LowRyder, LowLife, and indica dominant strains growing. I would like to try Sativa plants but I'm afraid they'll devour the lights, especially since they grow so tall, they'd probably outgrow the box. :eek:

    I'll be going with 4 30 watt 2700K soft white bulbs on the sides, that plug straight into your power strip and two large 68 watt soft white bulbs for the tops to rain down on the plants from above. I want to have a two lights under the screen and two lights just above the screen. The ones under the screen will be clamp lights so I can maneuvour them around the bottom of the plants to shine upwards and under the foliage that isn't being lit.

    By using the 30 watt light bulbs I'll be able to get as close as possible with the lights without burning the plants. Taking into account most of these lowlife and lowryder strains height and using pruning with LST techniques this grow space should easily house two plants if done properly. I only have one concern, if the plants roots will get tangled while growing.

    For nutes I don't know exactly what I'll do yet. I'm open to any suggestions since experience is usually the best method of growing with weed I may just test out a few nutes with the right ratio's of N P K. Hopefully they won't matter since nutes will be good. I also want to make sure not to get too much residual nutes with the nutes I'll be buying.

    I was also hoping to mount an LED on one of the walls of the grow box just to give it abit more fire power and stimulate a bit more growth but I may not have the budget for it.

    The box will have two Comp fans at the bottom sucking in cool air from two PVC elbow pipes spray painted black to keep the light trapped. At the top I want to have two more fans sucking out the hot air from the CFL's. I'm hoping I can find a few adapters for the fans so I can control fan speed and turn it up at night. I'd LOVE to get some Colorful weed going. :D

    I'll be using timers to make sure I give the plants rest even though you really don't need them to rest. It'd be best anyway so electrical bills won't sky rocket. I'm hoping I can get some lowlife Hindu Kush and some Diesel Ryder as my first grow, and try those bad boys out but for all this to work I'll have to work very hard. Wish me luck guys and I'm more than happy to take advice on this setup as well.
  8. Have you considered an outdoor grow to tide you over until you get your own place?
  9. Since you have the idea for building the growbox and likening it to a dresser, why don't you just find a cheap (or free next to a dumpster) dresser, tear off the inside parts of the drawers, etc., seal it, paint it, and do all that stuff inside the dresser. My dresser that I'm going to use (already have the inside hollowed out and painted) is 46"(L) x 16"(W) x 26" (H). I'm going to LST 5 plants at a time in 9 inch pots with CFL for lighting as well. Basically, an actual dresser will be far more stealthy. Just make sure wires/fans aren't in any conspicuous places. Also, believe it or not, you'll only need one intake fan in all likelyhood. Some people even just use a negative pressure air intake, meaning their exhaust fan pulls enough air in. I am going to go with 1x80mm fan and 1x120mm fan. The larger of the two being the exhaust. I may need to go with something more when the time comes because I'm planning on using 4x105 watt CFLS with homemade duct reflectors. It may get pretty warm, but I'll just have to see. Anywho, good luck man!

    P.S. Smart idea on waiting to get your own place. Very respectful. + rep
  10. That would really rock. I think I'll do that man. Maybe turn the draws and such into a solid door. I would do an outdoor becuz it's pretty wooded where I am but I've got family members who watch my every move so if they saw me doing stuff outside they'd get suspicious. I may just drop a few seeds and let them grow as they should then come back to see what happens to it.
  11. Cool man, just remember to have fun with whatever you choose, growing should be an enjoyable experience, rather than a stressful one.
  12. Hell yeah man. I've got some decent weed in my system right now. So I'm going to have some very good weed in a few months either way. :hello:
  13. Or course, that is a far cry from explicit knowledge and consent.

    Good thinking.

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