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looking to be schooled

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TadAster, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. im new to GC and to weed in general and i would like some advice from my more experiened tokers i used to have a supplier but after they "found christ" (again :D) i am pretty much on my own, but i dont know anything about the wonderful world of marijuna so i have a lot of questrions...some of which will sound dumb so be paitent and remeber i went from beiging a stoner to cold turkey for going on 5 months str8 while being surrounded by some of the most annoying people one could imgine! XD
    -how do i go about finding a hook up in my town; can someone explain the mesurments to me?
    -i have only smoked kush is there anything stronger? (i use a bowl if that helps),
    -is it kind of like a restaurant ??(my hook-up tells me what he has and i tell him what i want?)
    -how much should i be paying?, im quite a light weight so "one tree" (i dont know if thats the right term i used to cost 40-60$$ if that helps. lol) last me at least a week and a half and thats smoking all day; everyday
    -how can i tell whats good weed??

    ps- someone tell me if this is an inappropriate post i read the forum rules and im not to to solicit i just want to arm myself with knowledge; there are alot of grifters out there and i dont want to get taken for a ride!! lol
  2. - if you find anyone smoking ask them. I've heard if you order pizza just tip the guy big and ask him if he knows anyone
    -measurements - I assume you mean converting imperial to metric as in 3.5 g = 1/8 , you can figure the rest out or google it
    -kush is a pretty general term thrown around. People call a lot of things kush. There's almost definitely stronger weed out there, you gotta judge it when you see it
    -well when you get a connection just ask what he's got and what his prices are and choose from that?
    - search the forums there's a guide, but I wouldn't worry if I was you unless it looks really odd
    - idk wtf 'one tree' is but I assume from how much you smoke and price it's probably a quarter ounce , 7grams . In which case that's a decent price for some mids but don't be surprised if you end up paying more for better quality
    - there's a guide somewhere on the forums I believe, look for trichome crystals , but beyond that it's rather dependent on the strain
  3. -ask around, go to a college campus or a skatepark and just ask

    -there are countless types of strains all varying in potency and flavor, all you should be worried about is getting something with no seeds that has lots of crystals; at least for now until you become more aware of what type of highs/flavors you enjoy

    -it depends on who your hookup is, some guys will let you pick and choose, others might just be like "take what you get"

    -experience is the best way to tell if something is laced, it's very rare and I wouldn't particularly worry about it, be aware of very strong chemical like smells, or odd substances physically on your bud that don't look like they should be there.

    -if its dank, the most you should pay is 60 for an 8th of an ounce(3.5 grams) if you search hard enough you can probably find someone with a better deal. reggie prices usually start anywhere from 10-20 an 8th, but don't forget, "you get what you pay for."(quality wise)

    -if it makes you happy, hungry, and sleepy, then it's probably good weed, honestly since your a new guy I'm sure even decent or poor quality weed would still have a big effect on you, although you should try to only get dank, it's more bang for your buck and less of a chance that it's been grown with nasty chemicals.

    Hope that helps a little and welcome to the city. Peace!
  4. [quote name='"The Osiris"']

    -if its dank, the most you should pay is 60 for an 8th of an ounce(3.5 grams) if you search hard enough you can probably find someone with a better deal. reggie prices usually start anywhere from 10-20 an 8th, but don't forget, "you get what you pay for."(quality wise)

    Just a little note on prices, not sure where you live but if you are anywhere near Pa, Ny, Nj those prices are gonna be way off unless you have a really good hookup.

  5. what do you mean by this? first you says your new to it then you says you used to be a stoner. No stoner would ask any one these questions, im confused, enlighten me.
  6. ahhh.... I love this forum. Just look at this example. A toker who is new has a question and there are always loving blades standing by to answer.

    OneLove Grasscity

    Just had to say that :cool:

  7. sorry i meant to put quotation marks around that lol- i was told that "stoner" would be the correct term as because i smoke and and do "stuff" (run my business, knock out a painting or 2 ect); i would have have said "daily smoker" but people have told me that is a nice way to say "pothead"; which is a derogatory term...if my terms a incorrect plz enlighten ME!

  8. np im gald you didlol
  9. Eighth=3.5g. Midwest 60$
    haft Eighth(teener)=1.7g 30$
    quarters for 7g.
    Dime bag $10 ~.6
    Dub 20$ ~1.2

    Most dealers only have 1 kind of what they pick up. If they do have more, don't take it for granted but thats pretty cool. My dude has the choice of 3 kinds to pick one. But you'll txt/call your dealer, and ask for ^one of those, based upon money, how many people your with, so on. Stay chill, the worst thing you could do, is bombarde him you meet with texts. Chances are he has a life too, (gf/school/family/work), so make sure you give him time. It seems most people think all dealers do is drive around and wait with phones in hand. Not so much, Happy toking OP

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