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Looking to add some variety to my sessions... (all opinions welcome!)

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Myth, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. So I have a nice bubbler that ran me about $80. I love it, but I am looking to add some variety to my smoke sessions since I have been smoking this bubbler every day for a year and a half. I pretty much just want a simple GonG tube with a diffuser or pre-cooler. Something of fairly respectable quality, though I am certainly NOT looking to go into triple-digit prices. Bang for buck is what I'm after here.

    I've been considering a simple weedstar tube with a diffused downstem. Again, I'm not looking for something extremely fancy, but something I can reliably smoke on a day-to-day basis that will keep things fun and different.

    Thanks in advance for your opinions/suggestions.
  2. I don't know much about high end glass like RooR and Illy...

    I know you can get some great bongs for under 100 though.
    Everyone is gonna chime in and exclaim how cheap they are and how easy they break, but just don't take it out of your room and make it your personal piece...
    Dont let dumbasses use it either and it shouldnt break.
  3. Does that include the perc'd and precool'd pieces by BlackLeaf for just over $40? Cause I've heard nothing but forum vets rip on them... (even though I still want one because I am a responsible and careful adult.)
  4. something like this would be good:

    Quality glass for $99. Get the 45mm one though as the mouthpiece is a better fit.
  5. What kind of shipping price should I expect from there? (and how long?) Also, the 38mm are cheaper, are they really that bad? I can't see Syn putting their name on a bad piece...
  6. I recently bought one and it should be coming soon but what have they been saying about it?
  7. Yeah I know that they don't make bad pieces. It's just that my friend has the 38mm one and it is a nice piece but for everyday, I would prefer a bigger mouthpiece. 7mm is a big difference in terms of comfort. I smoked out of it yesterday so I know it pretty well.

    Shipping is probably like $10-$20 to the States.
  8. People have been saying that they are "china glass" and that the percs tend to "explode." Sounds like a bit of a fabrication to me...
  9. Any more opinions?
  10. anything on Chicokush or grasscity that you can find for under 100 dollars will be your best bet. otherwise you are getting china glass

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