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looking stoned when stoned? ...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by morevoodoo, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. this is a dumbass question but i'm really high right now and im with people, and they all say they're really high, but they look normal, but when I get high i look completely ripped. low eyelids, getting pale, bags under eyes, red eyes, all that jazz. is this something to worry about? im a regular smoker for about a year.
  2. nah, it happnes to some of us, i hate it. i always look stoned even after a bowl. It sucks. But nothing to worry about, looking stoned is worth being stoned
  3. Odds are they're probably saying they're higher then they actually are, or they just happen to not get cashed eyes easily. My eyes usually don't get cashed from just one solo bowl.
  4. yeah don't trip.if you smoke like 1 bowl every hour or so you'll start not to look so stoned when you smoke:)
  5. yeah man doesnt mean they are lyin they prolly just dont get all *****ed out
    i never look stoned unless i have been smokin down all day, then you can tell i am
    but other than that i can get way baked and walk around talkin to everyone and they wont have a clue
  6. My eyes get cherry red when i smoke, even if im not high. My friends dont even get red eyes that often, but who cares? put on some sunglasses (even at night) :cool:.
  7. agreed. i look high so easily and im more seasoned then alot of people who dont look it. i guess thats karma my friends
  8. haha aight thats making me feel better. alright well im gonna go smoke another jay and enjoy being blitzed. i wish u all the same ;)
  9. Some people are just easily affected and therefore look much higher after smoking.
  10. people react to weed differently
    i myself may get pretty ripped off like 2 or 3 bowls but my eyes wouldn't really be red.
  11. In my experience it's different for every person. A friend of mine could smoke a quarter and he wouldn't look much different. Whereas if yours truly takes one good rip from the bong I might as well get a neon sign over me saying stoner.

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