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Looking on advice for which strain to use.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NickOz, May 31, 2015.

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    Hi all,
    I'm a relative newbie when it comes to MJ.  I experimented with it in university a bit, but my experience is limited.
    I was recently given script to assist with anxiety, migraine headaches and with symptoms relating to a mild form of Bipolar II called cyclothymia.
    Past experiences have gone one of two ways:  1 -  Chill, relaxed, euphoric and great body buzz, totally in control and happy OR, 2 -Tweeked out, slightly paranoid, anxious, no fun at all and couldn't wait to come off the high.  
    Indica was recommended to me.  I picked some up from my LP (Tilray) - A house blend of Indicas.
    I took two light hits last night and it had the exact opposite effect I was expecting.  I was not relaxed at all.  I was downright anxious, slightly paranoid and could not sit still.  I actually found that my Bipolar symptoms were accelerated - one minute down, the next up and edgy.  It was weird.
    Is this not the opposite reaction one would expect from an indica?
    Perhaps I need to try the opposite - Sativa, or perhaps smoking MJ is just not for me with the way my brain is wired.
    Any suggestions on what to try?  CBD? Hybrid?  Sativa?? Just quit? [​IMG]

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  3. Don't worry, I have the same reactions to certain strains. I find that hybrids suit me better than just sativa our just indica. I have anxiety and depression.
    I haven't yet experimented with high cbd strains but I'm eager to try.

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