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    Hello Guys and Gals,

    I recently went through the steps to acquire a medical marijuana recommendation for my lower/mid back, knee and neck pain. Most of that is from assitosis (sitting at work all day with poor posture) and the knee was from a torn meniscus years ago which now dislocated on a semi-regular basis.

    So those are the symptoms that I am trying to work with, and because of that the doctor recommended a balm, edibles or to consider a vaporizer.

    I have tried the balm, but it really has had no effect on me while it does on my wife. It works well with her joint/muscle pain and headaches. For me, it's just smells good.

    I have now tried the edibles (honey) each day this week, and I think the two biggest drawbacks so far has been figuring out the dosage and the delay. When my back begins to bother me I want to combat it then, not an hour and a half later.

    For the dosing I first tried a teaspoon which did nothing, and after that I hopped online and read around in an attempt to figure out dosing amounts. I found something that suggested an ounce, but also suggested might be a bit much for what I'm trying to accomplish. So, I took half an ounce (I use it in my hot and cold teas by the way, tasty) and got back to work. After an hour I was a bit annoyed and borderline to the point of eating all the damn honey at once. Thirty minutes later it hit me, slowly at for the first 2-3 minutes then I felt as though I got whacked by a freight train. The head high lasted maybe an hour, but the whole body high was a good 4-4.5 hours.

    I am trying to find a middle ground though, so the next three days I went down to a quarter ounce of honey. The first two days had no impact, but on the last day (today) I had between a quarter and a half ounce. Pretty nice chill mode right now, euphoric but on the verge of laughing at something obscure. Apparently the difference between a 0.25-0.50 ounces is pretty damn small and the just the lightest bump over 0.25 can make a big difference. The biggest draw back though is waiting and waiting and waiting.

    So the next thought was to look into tinctures (because easy of application and very discrete). I don't know but I didn't like the idea that much...maybe because it just seemed like it would be the same dosing problem. Seems like a little goes a LONG way, but I suspect I would have issues finding that middle ground.

    Then I thought vaporizers, but I really did not know where to begin. After loads of Googling and searching through here I became sold on the Arizer Air vape. It is discrete, and although I'm smoking it I think I can get around that because it's not "really" smoking. I dunno...whatever makes me sleep at night I suppose.

    I was also sold on the idea that I can then take the vaped bud and make my own tinctures and/or edibles. So that was pretty awesome...and if I don't like it, it's not a huge investment.

    Onto the next question and the point to this really long posting: Where do I begin with dosing? And I am assuming that vaping is rather fast acting?

  2. I am not familiar with that specific vape but you wont need much. Surely 2-3 decent hits should get you feeling good. The 'high' should be nearly instant.
  3. How much cannabis do you think I'll need for 2-3 decent hits on a vape? If you could provide the measure related to teaspoons that would be superb.

  4. Like I said, I am not familiar with that piece, nor am I with your edibles. I would just finely grind the bud, Pack the bowl full if necessary and take a few hits.

    I use pot to treat pain, usually smoke it via bong, But I do enjoy my sublimator, I get 2 huge hits out of about 0.05g which definitely does the job.
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    The Air is a great vape no doubt. Have had mine for about a year and have not been disappointed by it. Easy to use, easy to clean. Get an extra battery for it as well and a couple of different stems.

    As far as dosing goes it depends on your tolerance.I would say try a half stem pack and move up from there. Like any form of consumption it also depends on how good your grass is.

  6. Pardon my ignorance but what's a "stem"? I'm thinking of this too literally I assume.
  7. got it, but half stem relative to the two they include...Or?

  8. These stems are good for at home use. The bent one gives you more glass path which is good for cooling the vapor. My wife loves it, the straight one is good too.

  9. I would still recommend that you look into the edibles section. The best way is through medical usage to incredible edible herb to the pinned/stickie threads and check out Another Tincture Thread, try it you'll like it.

    The thread is huge, but has an index. You can really follow the instructions on the first few pages and then ask all your questions.

    In the above mentioned thread we aim for tincture doses counted in drops, not teaspoons.

    Also want to mention that there is a dedicated Air thread as well as a best of air thread over at Fuckcombustion

    A little reading can speed up the learning curve.
  10. I frequent this and the edible subforms throughout the day :) I'm still not against edibles, but it just takes too long...and I plan on using my vaped remains to make edibles and tinctures. So, I look at that as a win-win given that it's cheaper to buy the raw material and use it twice than to buy already processed goods. It also gives you more control over the process which I particularly enjoy.

    And thanks for the recommendation on FC ... putzing over there now

    By the way, ran my first vape session and 2 nice hits did it for me with instant reaction which is perfect for what I wanted.

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