Looking healthy but no flowers still! is this bad?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by greenhans420, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. I have a very very bushy plant that i am positive is a female but it still has no buds, it got started on the 5th of the july so i wasnt sure if the late start could be a factor. it appears that flowering started about a week or week and a half ago or so but still no buds. all my friends plants have buds so this is confusing.. Any insight on why no buds yet would be appreciated. happy smokin
  2. it might just be a late buding plant do you know what strain it is?
  3. Well sounds like i have the same problem, 3 mango soma strain, all females, no buds yet, and i started around May. I switched the ferts which are all organic for budding and the ph seems fine. Maybe because they are close to an oak tree? I heard oak trees dead leaves make surrounding soil highly acidic. One of those plants is a little over 7 ft tall the others are 6ft or higher. No buds, this years grow has been a waste for me i think because there is only a short time left before the rain and winter hit. What do you think.:mad:
  4. only one of my plants has real buds going the rest are just starting up so dont feel alone:D

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