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  1. Have two options I already have my nft but I'm doing a little dwc planning to set up a good undercurrent waterfall dwc out off 5 gl buckets but now me and the wife where thinking maybe using the 4.5 x2 x2 bin we have what do you all think what would you do and how so would you do it I have the 4 x8 x7 tent and twp 400 watt a 600 so let me here what and how u would

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  2. nutrient film tecknec lol or however ya spell lol

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  3. that's right have keep plants small
  4. that's y I'm asking g what I should set up now for big ladys
  5. The plastic PVC pipe is a leak waiting to happen , been there and done that ..
    The reason why I use large totes is because its a large amount water and I can make each tote 100% self contained .
    My system doesn't have the normal problems that Most RDWC systems have .
    Those problem are restricted root space .roots clogging up drain system , roots growing together ,
    External leaks , and one sick plant making the rest of the plants sick .

    Right now I have a weird plant problem , I have a white widow that wants to die everytime I give it nutrients .
    If that plant would be in a common RDWC system where more then one plant is in the system that plant would die.
    Because system is not connected to more then one plant I flushed the plant and brought it back to life .
    My point is its nice to be able to take a plant out of the system without having a effect on the other plants .

    My system works because I am growing larger indoor plants .

    PS the Plastic 5 inch by 5 inch square plastic PVC fence posts works better then the round PVC pipe .
    Look Up general Hydroponics AF 20 if you don't already know the system .

    My plants in certain stages of growth can and will use up to 6 gallons of water per plant .
    I am single and a big part of my life is traveling around.
    If I used a smaller reservoir I couldn't leave the house for anything over 2 to 3 days tops .
    Right now I don't have to attend to my plants but every 3 to 4 days .
    I change the water in my totes every 10 days .
    That is standard changing the water every 7 to 10 days .
    Good luck
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  6. I was in the hospital for most of a 100 days straight .
    It was the best I could do to save the plants .
    Yes they are to tall . This time.
    I have two 4x8 budding tents and one walk in veg closet
    My favorite strain is a 10 to 12 week flowering cycle
    So I dont have a issue rolling in a new plant into the budding tent that is already 3onths old.
    I need to sharpen my trading skills
  7. sorry you were in the hospital. to that point dude you did an awesome job!! if that ever happened to me i would have to shut the lights. props to your people who kept you going!!!

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