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  1. Ok so basically just started exercising about a month ago but am realizing I could be more effective with my time in the gym. My goal is to loose weight and tone up, I want to be healthy and fit and not over weight.. As of today I am 222lbs, but some how last week I was 217. I started around 225 and my goal is 170. Right now I'm not very active in daily activities so the gym is really the only exercise I get. I've been focusing mainly on cardio with limited weight training as well. I've gotten to the point that an hour on the elliptical is pretty easy and sometimes go a little longer. Anyways I do not need to ramble on as I am looking for advice and or a good work out routine to shed some lbs. I know diet plays a big part in this and I have been working hard to eat better. I'm averaging 4-5 days a week in the gym but hope to eventually be going 6 days a week. Sometimes I have a hard time finding motivation when it's time to go and then I regret it later on. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. Bro... Exercise will make you feel so much better about who you are. Not just for the weight loss but physical activity releases chemicals in your body that make you feel better. Think about the bitches you'll get looking toned, and the satisfaction you'll feel at being stronger. Plus.... Being fit makes u better in bed.

    So whenever you're sitting there thinking of a thousand other things to do, hit the gym ad release some endorphins!
  3. Yeah, motivation is only a minor problem as I'm going more I'm enjoying it more and more... Just want to be effective in my time at the gym and looking for advice on how to do that. Like if I should be focusing mostly on cardio and leaving the weights till after I cut some lbs or if I should create a mixed routine of both.
  4. Diet is the main problem with over weight people, perhaps the same in your case? But that's just my opinion. Try cutting any unnatural foods from your diet and start to LOVE cooking/eating meat, vegetables, nuts, and fruits (in that order lol). Nothing out of boxes and only food that grows naturally and can be caught/picked in the wild. FYI, nothing with grains is found in nature therefore it gives our body the most trouble with digestion and insulin spikes (cause severe hunger and food cravings).

    I myself have just started eating Paleo this last week but am already an athletic person, however I can already notice a difference in my long term energy and fat loss! In only a few days! Try this way out and I guaranteeeeee you'll lose weight and just feel fuckin better man.

    Read this book- The Paleo Solution. There's also lots of resources online for eating Paleo.
  5. Double post :/

    Note: you gotta eat allllll day on this diet though, cause it's less calories per meal with no complex carbs, but more nutrients and vitamins per calorie.

    Lots of lean meat and veggies all day! Then fruit and meat before and after workouts!
  6. Thanks, I will certainly check that out... Poor diet was definitely a contribution to me being over weight but that is the first thing I changed even before exercising. Typical day consists of oatmeal with blue berries for breakfast, salad with chicken and fat free ranch for lunch and various meat dishes for dinner with vegetables as a side. I've tried to cut out all processed foods and have been cooking a lot on my own.
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    Hemp & GLA: Good Fat Burns Bad Fat (article - no date)
    Hemp & GLA: Good Fat Burns Bad Fat | Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Foods and Oils

    The REAL Paleo diet!

    Hunter-gatherer diets—a different perspective

    In conclusion, it is likely that no hunter-gatherer society, regardless of the proportion of macronutrients consumed, suffered from diseases of civilization. Most wild foods lack high amounts of energy and this feature, in combination with the slow transit of food particles through the human digestive tract, would have served as a natural check to obesity and certain other diseases of civilization. Yet today, all non-Western populations appear to develop diseases of civilization if they consume Western foods and have sedentary lifestyles (24). Given these facts, in combination with the strongly plant-based diet of human ancestors, it seems prudent for modern-day humans to remember their long evolutionary heritage as anthropoid primates and heed current recommendations to increase the number and variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diets rather than to increase their intakes of domesticated animal fat and protein

    And what is wrong with our modern diet? No Omega 3- and that makes us fat, sick and crazy!

    Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions.
    (abst – 2011) Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocanna... [Nat Neurosci. 2011] - PubMed result

    [FONT=&quot]Granny’s translation of the abstract – “The US diet sucks big time and we are fat, undernourished, and crazy because of it. We get WAY too much Omega 6 and not enough Omega 3. Not getting enough Omega 3 can make you crazy because without it, the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in your brain aren’t made right- a chunk that is supposed to be attached, isn’t! Broken receptors give you “impaired emotional behavior”. So we think it’s the low Omega 3 diet is making the US totally nuts!”

    [FONT=&quot]No Omega 3 and the CB1s are made defective, so they don't work as well as they could! Incidentally CB1s are also responsible for getting you high! :smoking: Are you getting your maximum high? :confused:

    O-6 vs. O-3 ratio
    Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio - Discover the Shocking Reality That Ruins Your Health More than You Think! - Free Online Library

    Also there is a big difference in the meat that our ancestors ate and today's beef! Animals that live on a grass diet have fat that has Omega 3 in it. Our modern cattle are raised on corn - corn has zero Omega 3- it's all Omega 6 and the fat of modern cattle reflects that!

    Good Oils and Fatty Substances Good Oil Information

    Nutrition affects your health more than you think! EDUCATE YOURSELF!

    Granny :wave:
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    cut the ranch stuff out altogether. Stick to something vinegar-based like a non-creamy light Italian or Vinagrette or something. Or even like a honey mustard.

    If you're the type of person who absolutely MUST have ranch, keep your dressing on the side, dip your fork in the ranch first, then attack the salad.
  9. I don't absolutely have to have anything I guess but rather than making a drastic change at once I am slowly working towards a healthy lifestyle and better nutrition habits. Ranch is just my favorite but I will try some other dressings as well. I'm hoping to eventually enjoy the leafy greens without any dressing! Have any of you heard of Juice Plus? I've recently been thinking about taking it as I've heard really good things. Not to skip eating fruits and veg but to add to the ones I do eat.
    What would you suggest to get some more Omega 3's? Any suggestions for a good purified fish oil supplement?
  10. I've had to lose alot of weight for wrestling (150 lbs to 130 lbs) so I can help a little with what I've learned. Btw that was fat loss, at times I slacked and had to dehydrate but within 3 months I was down to weight with healthy hydration levels.

    Weight training burns alot of calories, make sure you're on a good strength and muscle building program. You should have periods of lifting to hypertrophy (8-12 reps), strength building (4-6 reps), and explosion (2-3 reps). Please don't be one of the idiots in the gym not squatting to parallel, bouncing the bar off your chest, etc.

    Incorporate a full body workout, I can post one of my workout schedules if you'd like, mine was tuned for wrestling and power lifting (they require alot of the same muscles)

    My diet was pretty much grilled chicken and spinach, I called it a salad but it fucking sucked. I took fish oil pills for Omega 3, it seemed to help alot with the fluidity of movement and flexibility too.

    Soft drinks can single handedly fuck you over, I'd recommend that you cut them out of your diet until you start seeing major changes.

    Can you play a sport? Most YMCA's have some sort of MMA program, I know most are probably not too great but ours was taught by someone who fought and coached for another gym. I enjoyed that alot, although combat sports aren't for everyone, but anything that gets you motivated to exercise while having fun is great.
  11. As far as soft drinks go I don't drink um and don't plan on drinking them even after major changes... I drink about 3 liters or more of water each day, I love water haha. Other drinks are limited to juices and I'm even trying to moderate that. But the juices I do drink are orange juice and pure pressed apple juice and an occasional raspberry lemonade.

    A work out schedule would be nice and would give me some ideas. As far as sports I could play something but I'm not familiar with what is available in the area. I just recently moved and it's averaging 100+ degrees so it would preferably be something in doors. The fitness center I am using doesn't seem to offer much in that area but has a basketball court. Only classes I have noticed are zumba and that doesn't interest me lol. But with that being said I will more actively look for something else, thanks for the idea.
  12. Man I wish I was like that, I have an obsession with soft drinks lol.

    Move to Texas? A buddy of mine just moved down there, said the temperature has been in the 100's for like 40 days.

    Here is how my workout schedule goes: (My dad made it, he was a professional lifter both olympic and power, he trained my mom who was ranked top 3 benchpress in the world at one point, she broke her back so didn't squat or deadlift after that)

    My warmup usually consists of 30 minutes on the cycling machine (not the treadmill, so I don't elongate the muscles in my leg). On major lifts I do a very slow warmup, startin with the bar and working up to my first real set.

    * = amount of weight may be off, don't have my workout notebook near me

    I'm trying to remember the best I can, but at 5 AM its hard to remember which lifts are what days for sure. I also likely left a few minor lifts out

    weight x reps, then a declining workout on all major lifts besides explosion exercises

    & = super set with the lifts surrounding it also using a &, if there are two supersets in a row I'll use &1, &2 for different supersets

    Ab workout consisted of alot and were done at the end of each routine:
    Decline crunches while throwing 15lb medicine ball to brother on the way up, and catching it
    Weighted crunches
    Captains chair
    leg lifts
    ab twists (idk what they're called, but it was a machine)
    and variations on the standard crunch, about 100 reps of each exercise

    High pulls- 135 x 3, 125 x 3, 115 x 3 (explosion exercise, low reps)
    Bench press- 200 x 5 (top set), 190 x 8, 175 x 10
    *Incline bench- 160 x 5 (top), 150 x 8, 135 x 10
    &DB curl- 35 x 10 x 3
    &DB hammer curl- 45 x 10 x 3
    Bench press- 200 x 5 (top set), 190 x 8, 175 x 10
    *Incline bench- 160 x 5 (top), 150 x 8, 135 x 10
    Neck curls- 135 x 10 x 3 (probably unnecessary for anyone that doesn't need insane neck strength that was necessary for wrestling)
    Weighted dips- 90 x 12 x 3 (you'll probably want to start unweighted, I had to and was coming into the summer in good shape)

    Squat- 285 x 5, 275 x 8, 265 x 12
    Front squats- 135 x 8 x 3
    Calf raises- Whatever the machine maxed at, x 12 x 3
    Leg presses- 350 x 10 x 3
    *Leg curls- 135 x 10 x 3 (lying leg extensions are harder, I did seated when not in wrestling season)
    *Leg extensions- 135 x 10 x 3
    Weighted dips again and neck curls

    Deadlift: 335 x 5 x 3 (when not in season I do sumo, during season my coach insists on standard style)
    *&Lat pull downs- 135 x 10 x 3
    *&Narrow grip push downs- 90 x 10 x 3
    *&Chest pulls- 185 x 10 x 3, thats definitely not the name but basically you sit with your legs out, and pull the weight to you thats attached to a handle
    Again, weighted dips and neck curls

    Some of the exercises are on different days I think though, and I know I'm leaving out shrugs, power cleans, lunges, and a ton of plyometrics we'd do at the end. I'd always make sure to do some stretching, cardio, and more stretching at the end too to reduce risk of injury.

    I know there are alot of other ways to lift weights but coming into my senior year of wrestling this got my cumulative lifts to nearly 1,000 (335 + 225 + 405 = 965 @ 135 lbs, so not bad) you should be able to modify it to work better for your needs. For example don't do neck curls, front squats and high pulls also probably aren't necessary. But, weight lifting is a great way to burn calories and eventually it becomes fun.

    Basketball is good, I'm too short to play forreal but dude do zumba I bet you could get mad bitches in there.
  13. Idk if anyone mentioned this but look up cross fit. Its a rigorous program that rllllly gets u in shape,, little bit of weights, speed and power exercises.
  14. I think your biggest problem is going to be the elliptical. Yes, it counts as cardio. No, it does not count as enough cardio to really lose weight. It's too easy, and it causes you to plateau way to quick. Go outside and pound pavement for about an hour a day. If you can't run comfortably, start slow. Look up the "couch to 5k" program and follow that.

    If you can run (meaning your knees aren't killing your or something because you're too heavy) then start practicing HIIT. Tons of resources online to show you how to do this. The fat will melt right off, I promise. It is definitely hard work though.

    Also, don't neglect weight training. Increasing muscle mass increases the amount of calories you burn at rest, meaning you can eat more to fuel more strenuous workouts.

    As to your fish oil question, personally I take flax seed oil. I can't stand the fishy aftertaste you get when you burp after taking fish oil, and uhh I have heard that it makes my jizz taste like sardines. Definitely not desireable.

  15. I know :( Do you have a good source for quality hemp oil?

    Fish oil is definitely superior compared to flax seed oil, if you can get past the taste. I also prefer to stay away from fish oil for religious reasons (some aren't kosher; the ones that are are usually expensive)
  16. Well, since your trying to tone up and loose weight you're going to have to make every calorie count. After you work out eat something high in protein and have 4-5 small meals every day. If you eat a meal over 500 calories, every calorie over 500 is going to take twice as much energy to burn off since the stomach can really only digest about 500 calories efficiently. Also since you're going to need a stricter diet to loose weight and put on muscle, I would advise 2-3 cheat meals a week so you don't binge on foods your craving. Cheat meals should be scheduled ahead of time and it isn't a license to pig out, eat 2-3 slices of pizza, but not the whole thing.

    Hope I helped a little and it's a battle trust me. I'm 270 myself and have been working my butt off (<-- see what I did there) to loose weight. It's all about smart choices and someday you'll accomplish your goal.
  17. It's been averaging 105-110 degrees every day, so running outside is not really an option. Even at night it stays in the 90's. With recent rain we have broken 100 and are in the mid to high 90's still. So until it cools off that outside is not really an option. Would the treadmill be better than the ellipitcal?

    I will definitely check out crossfit and HIIT thanks for those tips. I will also do some more research on hemp oil and fish oil before making and decision. Thanks for the encouragement and advice.
  18. Living outside of a small town, my choices are few. The local health food store carries the Nutiva brand, so that's what I usually get. Manitoba Harvest also seems reputable.

    But check around- the prices on hemp seed products varies greatly!

    Granny :wave:
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    You have been gettin some pretty good advice some some people on this thread. Having a healthy diet is important and on top of that how you intake your diet is crucial as well. Building your metabolism is a key for losing weight. Many people try to eat about 3 or 4 large meals a day (breakfast lunch dinner supper) and that lifestyle is no good to keeping a high metabolism. Try eating the same amount of food or even a little less and spread it out through out the day. Invest into some small snack size zip lock bags. Make about 8 or 10 bags or so of a healthy snack to last you for the day, preferably fruits or whole wheats crackers. Spreading all of that food through out the day smoothly moves through your digestive system at a steady pace rather than starving and the eating a large amount and clumping it all at once during meal time. Open up a new SMALL bag of snacks every 30 min to 2 hrs to build up that metabolism.

    When it comes to meal time, make sure it is a smaller serving than usual since you'll be eating snacks. Many people I know take a supplement called "Oxy Elite Pro" about 30 min before eating a meal. This supplement is known to be an appetite surpressor and a thermogenic (will raise your body temp) makes fat burning easy when hitting the gym. This is recommended more than most other fat burners because OEP burns up fat that sits on top on the muscle whereas most other fat burners eliminate fat that protects your organs which is obviously bad for you.

    Another thing to add to your diet is to strictly drink water. I dont know if you do this already or not, but drinking only water is VERY effective for weight loss. I dont know if this is true, but I read up when you drink soda, you are taking in a massive amount of sugar which triggers your insulin levels to shoot up. In fact the insulin overcompensates for the sugar which brings your blood sugar to a low level and it tells your body it needs more sugar which triggers your mind to think you are hungry in order to raise your blood sugar levels back to normal. Drinking water may make you feel sluggish after a couple of days, but what I do to defeat that is to take a multivitamin. Multivitamins give energy and of course are healthy ! So it's a win-win. Personally, I take orange triads by controlled labs.

    I would recommend adding protein to your diet. Natural peanut butter (mmm i love skippys natural), peanuts, chicken, and other whole protein sources are what you need. If you dont mind doing some investing the go out on the look for a protein supplement especially if you plan on working out. There are 2 types whey and casein. Whey is more common and is great for a post workout shake as it breaks down quicker. On the other hand casein is VERY important as well especially for those looking for some weight lost. Casein protein breaks down at a MUCH slower rate than whey. If fact it takes up to 7 - 8 hours to digest. Many bodybuilders take this at night before bed in order to slowly feed their muscles for repair during sleep. I know people that drink a casein protein shake for breakfast and the say it surpresses their appetite all through the morning. Optimum Nutrition's 100% casein protein powder mix is my favorite. It contains 24 g of casein protein per serving with almost no carbs and fat ! Also, try drinking skim milk as it contains no fat and 80% of the protein in milk is casein.

    Oh wait, I forgot , this is grasscity. Why not smoke some dank headies occaisonally and NOT go on a munchie craze ?! It's too easy to lose weight by adding that in.
    Hope this helps

    edit - I would like to add in that going to the gym is the best partner to a diet for weight loss. Please do not go and do a few exercises and walk out. You literally NEED to be sweating a LOT before you walk out. When running on a tredmill, set yourself a goal to run, and just when you get tired keep pushing to and tell yourself "I KNOW I can go to it" and just when you actually hit that goal, try to push ANOTHER 10 % extra in distance to max out those extra calories and fat. Exercising requires more strength from the mind than the body.

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