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Discussion in 'General' started by Stoner420Chick, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I'm looking to find some ways to make some extra money. I already have a job and while I make enough to get by, I don't make enough to get ahead. I have plenty of time while I'm not at work to do things to make money, but I'm just not sure what the best things to do would be.

    Since I do have some money I would be willing to buy things if it made me more money in the long run. I'm not looking for anything that's illegal like selling drugs or prostitution haha, I know those would be the most popular answer to this. I'd like to find something that's enjoyable though and make some money with that.

    If anyone has any ideas or personal experience making money without a regular job, please share.
  2. lots of upscale restaurants like to hire waiters for small shifts in between the lunch and dinner rush. maybe 4-5 hrs of work with resonable tips

    or check craigslist for infinite amounts of oddjobs
  3. hmmm well i dont really do anything that ISNT illegal... but as far as side cash goes... i make at least $300 a week selling bootleg shit. yea i know its frowned upon.. but its a cot damn recession. selling movies that arent on dvd yet, burnt xbox 360 games, computer software... theres a certain computer program that everyone constantly wants (cant give away the name) and i cant burn um as fast as they sell.

    something to think about i guess...
  4. Donate plasma. Most places make you go 2x a week and offer you anywhere from $50-100 a week. It usually takes like an hour or a little longer but its not too bad. Or wait tables, I do that and do it on the weekends and make some extra money
  5. vid cam girl? if your cute enough, you'll make the dough and its all by yourself so its not like you have to bang other guys. you can tho...
  6. Donate sperm !
  7. this^

    and you can block certian states... like lets say you live in cali and dont want your dad watching you on cam, just block cali
  8. Hmm If I was looking for a little extra cash I'd get a part-time job at a place I like to shop at so not only do I make extra cash but I get a discount too like best buy or something.
  9. You should get into decorations. Just take random junk around the house and super glue it together to make it look cool.

    Its like a triple whammy, It cleans up random junk you have laying around, it lets you be creative, and if people think they are cute you will sell and make money :D

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