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  1. I just purchased a valcano today and wanted a few tips please. Also I noticed on this forum there is not much praise for the volcano. But every where else nothing but love for the valcano. Why is that?? Cost??

    1. What temp? I have seen anything from 180 to 390.

    2. How much to use? The book says less than 1mm but online videos look like they have more.

    3. How "cloudy" should the bag be when filled?

    4. Any advice I should know about??
  2. Also how many balloons can you fill off one load
  3. I've only used a real volcano once, did you purchase the digital one? I suggest 370-389 nbut vapor will start producing around 320 but very little. I own a phantom vaporizer ( it's a volcano knock-off ) and I noticed a .5 of high quality herb used I get about 5 bags, the first bag taste the best and has the least amount of vapor, and every bag after tastes less but gets more cloudy, and in turn gets you higher. So I would say its safe to assume .1 = 1 bag.
  4. Yes I did get the digital one.. Go big or go home..

    Any other advise?? I am really new to weed and learn every time I am on this site.. Any other help will be helpful Thanks
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    Well vaporizing is fairly a simple concept, heat the material just enough to cause the desired material to bubble into a vapor without combusting and creating nasty carcinogens, tar, and carbon dioxide. But there are some basic rules you should follow with any vaporizer

    1. Quality of the herb ( the better quality the more vapor produced ) I would not recommend vaporizing Mids. Also make sure your material is dry as possible, if its still fresh let it sit out of the bag for an hour or so, or nuke it in the microwave in 5 second intervials ( longer then 5 second blast might start destroying thc )

    2. GRING, GRIND, GRIND! The more grinded your material is, the more surface area is exposed, and the more vapor is produced.

    3. Let your unit warm up, even if it beeps saying its heated up give it an extra 2 minutes or so, a toasty vaporizer will produce more vapor then a cold one.

    4. Make sure your temperature is 360-380 degrees (the hotter you put it the more vapor will be produced), at about 392 degrees it will start to produce higher levels of CO2 and will start producing carcinogens, ruining the point of vaporizing.

    5. If your volcano starts to fill up bags with almost transparent air with almost no vapor, your herb is done and ready to be disposed of, it should be an even brown color and very dry to where it turns into powder if you touch it.

    PS - if you save up a fairly large amount ( more then an eight ) of ABV ( already been vaped ) weed you can make hash oil or edibles out of it.
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    Meh they are kind of a waste of money. I just sold mine and took a ~$100 loss and didn't even use it much. Yes they are badass but the Extreme Q is a more reasonable buy IMO. 
    I always started bags on 5, going up about half every 2 bags or so. 
    If you keep it you'll need a grinder such as the mendo mulcher or any grinder designed for vaporizers as the bud needs to be very fine. 
  7. I have a pill crusher I have been using.. It gets it insanely fine.. Can you go too fine?
  8. The finer the better as long as it doesn't turn into a dust that's small enough to pass through the screen it should be fine ( it's almost impossible to grind it that finely I wouldn't worry about it )
  9. Thanks for all your help..

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