Looking for Toro Circ to Froth

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  1. Anyone selling or know a place thats selling one it was my favorite combo broke my pink caddy circ to froth hmu I'm in SoCal thanks!

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    I feel your pain... I lost mine back in November of last year. A friend of a friend accidentally knocked it off the bar, and it shattered... I've been keeping an eye out for one at my LHS wish I could point you in a possible direction. You could try boro market, but it costs money to join the site. Did you try the usual sites like aqualab, and what not? My only other suggestion would be to join the toro appreciation page on facebook, and wait for someone to accept your request to see if anyone on there has one for sale

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  3. "Toro only for sale" fb group. Search for it and they have a lot of toros not there.

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  4. Also "real high end glass for sale" fb group

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